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  1. Josh

    MT654 Gear Selector shaft Stuck

    I put a take out trans in my truck. Once I got it all on I hooked up the shift linkage and it appears trans is stuck in reverse. I pulled the pan and everything looks fine. The shaft itself appears to be stuck and doesn't move at all. Is it possible to pull the valve body off the trans when...
  2. Josh

    M925 Weird vibration/noise at idle.

    I bought a M925 last Friday and over the weekend I managed to break to the tach cable. Soon after I noticed a weird vibration/thump sound @ idle. As soon as I give it a little bit of fuel and raise the RPMs by maybe 100 (not exactly sure as tach isnt working, new cable on the way) the noise...
  3. Josh

    Broken door handle

    So I have an interesting problem. With in a two minute window, I managed to break both my inside and outside door handles. I didn't break the handles off, they just free spin. Thing is, I'm not entirely sure hows to get the door open now. Short of pulling the door pins out, is there any tricks...
  4. Josh

    hydraulic head torque

    I'm in the middle of putting my IP back together and somehow lost my page with the torque specs. I can't get my phone to open up the tech manuals. Anyone know the torque spec for the 4 bolts that hold the HH down. Tried search but all it would pull up are the torque specs for the actual heads...
  5. Josh

    Need help. Spining the motor by hand.

    I'm in the middle of a HH replacement and have run into a road block. I can't get the **** motor to spin over by hand. I've tried a big prybar in the shortshaft between tranny and xfer. The transfer is in neutral but can't get it to budge. Need ideas asap. Running out a light and gotta get this...
  6. Josh

    Portland Area Meet n Greet.

    I know there has been alot of talk about a Portland get together. I was wondering how next weekend the 28th or 29th would work for ya guys. I have a lot we could park at least 8 trucks in if we don't want to meet somewhere else. There is a bar less then a block away that makes good food and I...
  7. Josh

    Hyd.Head Replacement

    Im going to swap out the HH on my truck to due to massive leaks at the injection lines, On my 2nd set of lines, so I've concluded its gota be the HH. Ive read about a dozent threads on how to swap it out, but I didnt see one mention seals or gaskets, Is there any seals or gaskets I need to...
  8. Josh

    Compression Fittings Vs Barbed.

    I need to replace all the soft fuel lines on my truck. I found this industrial marine fuel line (was recomended to me by a tugboat company I do work for). Problem is, It doesnt like compression fittings, It says to used barbed fitting only. Can anyone see a reason why barbed fittings wouldnt...
  9. Josh

    Yukon Lockers. Found a good deal.

    Through a friend of mine, I found a gentlemen over on pirate that can get the Yukon lockers cheaper then anywhere else I looked. Im planing on buying a set in the near future, but He just quoted me $1040 for 3 lockers shipped to my door:shock:. Everywhere else I looked a set of 3 was over 1200...
  10. Josh

    M105 Axles......Value?

    I had 3 105 axles i was planing on using for a trailer project. But last night someone decited they wanted all the master cyclinders, and the small pile of iron I had been saving up for the trailer. Also snagged my 105a3 trailer tongue I had. They took everything but the axles. They tried, But...
  11. Josh

    Possable Sabatoge- The Clean Up

    Well since the last thread got locked to strange ideas for preventing something that happened only once in two years, I figured I'd give it another go. Reguardless of your opinions on what happened/crazy ideas to keep it from ever happening again, please keep the crazy ideas to yourself...
  12. Josh

    Bitten by a drill.

    Still not even sure how it happened, but I ran a 1/4in drill bit most of the way through my finger this morning. Hurts way worst then when I broke my arm. It snaped the nail right in the center and proceeded to chew it self almost to the otherside. Tried to pull it out, woundn't let go. Ended...
  13. Josh

    3rd Gear High Or 5th Gear Lo

    I've been wondering for a while and didnt see anything that adressed this issue. When yall are stuck going up a hill in the 20-25mph range, do you guys use 3rd High or 5th lo? If I'm loaded I'm normally in 5th LO, but empty I'll keep it in 3rd high. What do you guys do, and is there any...
  14. Josh

    Deuce In the Snow. Amazing.

    To be honist, I expected my deuce to do pretty bad in 30in of snow with the NDCCs and no chains. But to my suprise they did amazing. Last night we went snow wheeling up on Mt. Hood as they got over 30in of snow in 2 days. I had my deuce, my brother brough it his Suzuki Sidekick(which is very...
  15. Josh

    Possable PNW Dune Trip

    I was planing on going to the sand dunes one of the weekends in NOV. Was wondering if anyone else wanted to go? Ive taken my deuce to sand lake many times and other then 1-2 hills, they can go just about anywhere out there. Its about 2 hours by deuce from Portland. I normally take my cruiser...
  16. Josh

    15.5 XL vs 395 XML vs T831 vs 14.5/1100XLs

    As much as I drive my truck, Im replacing my NDTS about every 6 months on the front of my truck. I need to get a good set of radials and the ideal set up for me would be 14.5xls in the front and dualed 11r20xls in the rear. As I'm keeping my options open and not apposed to supersingling out, I'm...
  17. Josh

    Classified Ads Pictures.

    Anyone else having a problem with the extra pictures in a classified ad not popping up, but instead about tripple the length of the page an appear at the very bottom? Ive tested it on 2 computers with 2 different ISPs and its doing it on both of them. Just wondering if its me, or are others...
  18. Josh

    Power Fluctuating At Speed

    This has been happening with my deuce for a while now. Some times it will be run down the freeway at 55mph with hardly any petal, and some days on the same stretch of road, I Have to keep the truck pinned to maintain 50-55. This happened before and after I replaced my fuelfilters. Just to be on...
  19. Josh

    Finally Found My Fuel Leak.

    As some of you may know, I've been battling with a fuel leak for some time. Well today I finally found the leak. Normally I wouldn't make a thread on something like this, but from what caused the leak and why I couldn't find it seemed like it was worth posting incase someone else was having...
  20. Josh

    Auxiliary Lighting

    I'm in the design phase of adding additional offroad lights onto my truck. When its all done and said, I'll have approx. 1400W worth of lights. Right know I'm trying to design a lightbar that doesnt involve any mutilation to my hard top and that can be removed reletivly quickly for shows and...
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