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    24 volt harbor freight jump starter

    Check this out. Harbor freight jump starter thinking about hooking it up to a nato slave cable. Much cheaper than the Noico and imop a must have for the hmmwv in 12 volt world. Any potential harm to the electrical system (1165 a1) through the nato plug?
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    Civilian armoring the HMMWV

    I think this thread needs to be started. My goal is to stop 5.56 and pistol rounds for the 4 man cab and engine enclosure. Obviously we have to protect our love ones in the cab but a bullet through the radiator will only allow you to go a few miles (temperature dependent I guess). If the...
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    EMP Proofing HMMWV

    I have an 1165 A1 With lots of electronics that do not appear to be EMP proofed. Please put on your tinfoil hats and join me as I begin my deep dive into this. Here is what I have come up with so far. This is a unit that attaches across battery terminals (not sure it will work with 24 volts)...
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    Best PDF app for reading training manuals?

    I want to bookmark, hi light, write on, organize, and most importantly search text. Adobe has not been working well. What do you guys use?
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