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    12v windshield washer bottle install

    Just thought I'd share this cheap alternative to replacing the stock air operated one. The kit can be found for under 20 dollars online. Super easy install under the passenger seat .
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    M939a2 winch gpm specs?

    Would anyone happen to know the gpm needed to run the winch? Trying to build my own system
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    driving from north dakota to maine

    Hey everyone I'm driving from north dakota to maine with my 3500 diesel willing to pull or load into my bed some stuff. or if a truck needs to be driven and I can tow bar mine behind it.
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    20,000 hydraulic flow rate

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew the amount of psi and flow the winches on the 5tons need to work properly. I'm looking at putting a electric Hyd pump in instead of using a motor driven pto
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    M931a2 starting power issue

    Been having issues lately with getting power to the starting switch. I can turn the power switch on and have power to lights and low fan mode. But no park buzzer or high fan mode for cab heater. If I turn the running lights on and off and flip the start switch on and off it will sometime's have...
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    M939a2 tire wobble

    My m931a2 shakes like crazy on the highway. I see there are fixes for the m35a3 truck. I haven't found anything about the larger 1400 tires on the a2. Anyone have any suggestions ?
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    6cta thermostat part number ?

    So my new m931a2 was getting hot on the highway so I figured it might need a new thermostat. Pulled everything apart and no thermostat was even there. Called cummins and orderd a new one using my engine serial number. Easy right ? Nope this ones way to big. Cummins swears it's the right one. The...
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    Donut run

    Well I missed my 5ton so I went and picked it up, now I'm on a 300 mile journey in -25 weather will keep yall posted
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    Which 1400 tires do you like and why

    Well as the title says which tires does everyone like the XZL Xl or the good years
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    Pto part number for the Allison transmission ?

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the pto for the Allison ? In the 900 series trucks
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    M931 question

    Is there a walk way behind the cab like on a normal tractor ? Reason I ask this is I'm bringing a dirt bike back with me and I would like to put it on the work platform if at all possible.
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    M35a2 recovery

    Well it's that time again.I'm bored and need to do another recovery bought a m35a2 north of St. Paul. Gonna drive it to northern Alberta once again. 3rd recovery on less then a year. This one will be 1500 miles can't wait once again
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    3100 mile trip

    So life has thrown me a bone received a awesome job offer 24days in Alberta and 12 days in New Brunswick on my days off :) So now the problem is getting 2 6x6s back east my 923a2 and my m813 2 pick ups and a travel trailer. Now I could make 2 3100 trips in the 2 trucks lots of fuel I know. Or I...
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    Windshield washer only works sometimes

    Is there a trick to making the washer fluid sprayer work every time ? Ill hold the button till it spits a little then not touch it for 10 min. And then it magically works. This is on my m923a2
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    Rocky Mountain rally ?

    Would anyone be interested in a Rocky Mountain rally. Would have to find a spot that would be central for most on the west coast. Washington and Montana Oregon and Wyoming. Was thinking Banff or lake Louise would be cool. This is just a idea I'm throwing out there.
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    900a2 series compared to 800 series

    Just my thought's on the 2. My m923a2 sucks on heat output compared to the 800 series. Not sure if its the smaller 8.3 not putting out as much heat at the 14liter or what but very noticable temp diff in the cab. I'd like to hear from guys with a1 900 series with the 250 if it puts out proper...
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    Putting warn 18 k in place of garwood

    Has anyone put a big warn in between the frame rails instead of the garwood?. I have a 18k warn that I picked up and I'd rather just buy the frame rail extensions then a complete kit. Any ideas on how hard it would be to do ?
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    building CTIS system

    Not sure if anyone has tried this yet. But I plan on building CTIS system for both my 813 and the 923a2 I'm gettin here in a month or so. I'm gonna rig up 6 airline's that will go to each wheel. These lines will not be attached well driving of course. Haven't figured out if I wanna stow them in...
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    Putting g177s on 939a2 trucks ?

    Can this be done ? I'm kinda iffy about driving 2600 miles on tires that might have been flat at some point. Would I be able to just bolt them right on or would I need to move around some Ctis lines ?
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    Looking for 1 brave soul

    I'm looking for 1 brave soul to ride with me from Baltimore to delta and then return the challenger to the rental place everything paid for.Will be on jan 7th
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