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  1. redcoat54th

    Pics of my $12 gun mount

    Looks good and the price is right. I plan on building one also for an airsoft '60. Nice post. Thanks, Bob
  2. redcoat54th

    NAPA part number for M416 axle U-bolts?

    · Shock Absorbers (2 per trailer): NAPA 94038 $29 ea. *this is for a mid 1970's CJ-5 with a 4cyl engine · Springs: 1950's vintage CJ3A/CJ3B FRONT leaf springs (36.25x1.75 inch leaf springs) · Spring Eye Bushings: 1950's CJ3A/B Front leaf bushings · Shackles...
  3. redcoat54th

    Anyone know Home Depot's new code?

    Anyone tried to match a semi-gloss 23070 at Home Depot? I cannot find the Federal Standard # for 23070 but did find 33070 in flat which should be the same color, just in a flat finish. Maybe a HD satin in 33070 color would work? I want to avoid the khaki tint of 34087.
  4. redcoat54th

    Gun Truck progress (constructive critisism and suggestions appreciated)

    Quonsethut, outstanding job. Nice to see the little extras that go into making a 'Nam truck look the part. You might lightly airbrush the red dirt on with paint for a more durable look. My deuce is also getting the Gillespie 24087: got the front bumper and doors done before cold weather here in...
  5. redcoat54th

    new song

    Very nice. Fun to see how the military has evolved since my time in the 70's.
  6. redcoat54th

    Museum needs help. AZ to MN

    I am a member of a small military musuem here in Minnesota. Looking to move a 2000# naval gun replica to Minnesota from Pheonix Arizona. We are in no hurry as the gun is safe where it is. I am wondering if anyone is planning a trip this way (or part way) and would have the space to help us...
  7. redcoat54th

    Huey flight time

    Thanks for posting. I first flew the UH-1 in 1975 at Fort Rucker as a WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate). After flying the TH-55 in training the Huey was top of the line to fly. I flew in Alabama and Alaska and returned to civvy life in 1980. I still run outside to look whenever I hear the thump of...
  8. redcoat54th

    New Paint

    Looks great. Our outside painting is over Up-North. Blizzard conditions for the next three days. I guess God is going to paint my Deuce white!:-P
  9. redcoat54th

    Deuce's In Minnesota

    Greetings Rex from the Albert Lea area. Got my deuce this fall and love it. Just was out in the snow and had a blast. Stock tires are not too bad through 3~4 drifts. Never knew they were there by the ride. Punched right through. Just if you do get stuck, its going to cost you unless you lnow...
  10. redcoat54th

    Cost of "NEW" WWII "Jeep"

    Too funny Mike. Hope you get some replies as this is something interesting. Depending on which year rust bucket you can find it would vary the NEW parts you would have to buy. The older the better and the least parts you would have to retro fit. Your right though, from what I see you could build...
  11. redcoat54th

    Cost of "NEW" WWII "Jeep"

    Reminds me of a Jonny Cash song.
  12. redcoat54th

    lets see your m35 in the snow pics! bobbed or stock lets see em

    Well the blizzard moved East and I was able to dig out by hand in only 5 hours. My; how I love living in Minnesota!! Then I took the deuce out to relax. Now thats much better. Learned not to leave the hand brake on in freezing weather. Drive it until you smell the brakes are hot and hope they...
  13. redcoat54th

    Just driving around

    I drive mine every chance I get. I have collerctor plates so its a grey area just to drive it without a "Reason/event." Well, you can drive it for regular maintenance as needed. Mine always needs to be run every week to keep it in tip top shape.............. I love to drive the deuce to relax...
  14. redcoat54th

    Tips for a detailed resto

    Cool tips, many thanks. 'Can always learn something from sombody most days!
  15. redcoat54th

    Deuce and a half Fire Trucks 530B Pictures and Info Exchange

    I would love to see more pics of your truck. I looks fantastic and is a fun version of the Deuce.
  16. redcoat54th

    I have the Deuce Bug!

    Wildchild, sorry to say there is NO CURE for greenitus. You either get it or you don't - you got it. Its gets worse, you can live with it but it never goes away. Get one while you can and it will ease the pain somewhat until the next attack. ADVICE: get the best you can afford, that way you get...
  17. redcoat54th

    On The Road To Recovery!

  18. redcoat54th

    On The Road To Recovery!

    I thought about flipping the lunette, but the trailer had seen some rough outdoor weather and she was rusted in place. A little PB Blaster should free it up. Anyway the father son team is now on the road. I always had to pull mike in his little red waggon as a kid, now I can pull his little...
  19. redcoat54th

    Newest Refurb, latest...

    Keep em rollin. Great job. Always fun to see another one ready to go. Bob
  20. redcoat54th

    Operation Homefront Fill The Deuce

    What a great idea! Way to go. I like all the flags along the roadside. Bob
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