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  1. TNriverjet

    M-917 20 Ton Dump Recovery

    Helped member FrontierAcres recover this truck last weekend after it only made it 1/2 way home on the original attempt. These are “big” trucks! I plan to help go over the truck to get it operational and reliable. I think we have a pretty solid unit to start with.
  2. TNriverjet

    FMTV Tires on Wheels (3) TN to MD

    I’m working with another SS Member who wants 3 FMTV tires on wheels I have for sale. They need picked up in Central TN and dropped in Southern Maryland. I am willing to meet for pickup on this end and recipient is willing to meet on the MD end. Recipient also mentioned meeting in Richmond, VA...
  3. TNriverjet

    Master Power Switch

    I did a bit of searching and did not find a thread covering this. Occasionally the engine does not shut down when I switch off master power. If I switch on and back off, it usually shuts down. Once I had to cycle the switch twice to get it shut down. Is this just a bad switch or a deeper...
  4. TNriverjet

    TNriverjet's M-1083 Thread

    I need to start a thread to chronicle repairs, upgrades, etc. on this M-1083. Acquired at GovDeals auction from Houston Co. TN Sheriff's Office. Reserve price not met, but I threw a bid at the last minute and was contacted two days later with an offer to sell at my high bid (still under...
  5. TNriverjet

    Source for 6TL Battery

    Thanks to some research by tnmogger, we've been able to order NAPA Part BAT-7256 and come up with a 6TL battery. Cost is around $200/ea, but they gave me 20% off with the "bucket sale" I spent $195 out the door including tax and three tubes of grease. It it is a US Dept of Commerce and State...
  6. TNriverjet

    TNriverjet's M-1083 Recovery

    Success! We made it home safe this evening after a 60 mile recovery from a rural county Sheriffs Dept. I was assisted by our own tnmogger who drove over from the Knoxville area yesterday and camped overnight. He was a great asset in helping me check over the truck and change out a dry rotted...
  7. TNriverjet

    TNriverjet's M1078 Thread

    Ok, It's time I get a thread started to chronicle projects on the truck. This is a 1996 M1078 with about 15,400 miles when we bought it. Here is a photo pretty much as we brought it home. This truck was one that was owned by a local TN police department and then auctioned off. I bought it from...
  8. TNriverjet

    LMTV/FMTV Storage Cover?

    I found this canvas in the bed of the M1078 we purchased last month. It appears to be a cover for the space between the bed and cab. I can't imagine anywhere else it would fit as it seems to be form fitted for the air intake and spare tire. I haven't totally figured out the correct...
  9. TNriverjet

    Type III and IV Cargo Bed Covers

    Troops, I ran across this PDF in my searching for information one day and have meant to post here. We have many discussions going about cargo covers, shelters, etc. However, I've yet to see one of these discussed. It is a somewhat hybrid system in that it is hard sided, but collapses to a...
  10. TNriverjet

    Simp5782 - SS Tumblers

    Thanks to Wes for having these tumblers made. I bought two and love them. Not many know about them, so I thought I'd post up my thanks to Wes. These are a great exposure for our site and the hobby in general.
  11. TNriverjet

    M1078 Recovery

    Well, I finally brought home our family's first MV. We found a pristine LMTV for sale in AL and embarked on the recovery journey today. The previous owner sent us on our way with an already titled vehicle and a half tank of diesel. Oh, the price was right too. [thumbzup] My wife ran tail...
  12. TNriverjet

    Feedback Rating

    Oh great moderators and SS forum mechanics... Why does feedback rating show below my avatar sometimes and other times does not? Does it have to do with how recent my iTrader profile had activity? My forum visit regularity? Or I clicked a silly button in my profile when not paying attention?
  13. TNriverjet

    FMTV Cab Question

    I saw this on an "e" site and have been confused by the cab. It appears the whole thing can fold to reduce height. Also has a two-piece windshield. Is this the "airlift" cab I've read about? I can't imagine you wouldn't have more rattles when in operation with a setup like this.
  14. TNriverjet

    Saw One for Sale This Week

    I posted these over in the MV Spotted thread, but thought you would enjoy seeing them here too. I have no idea of the model, but it appears to have been modified to a crew cab configuration! Sorry for the quality. I was illegally parked in the local utility company lot and across the street in...
  15. TNriverjet

    Pickup Needed at Groveport (Spiegel Rd Location) on or before 4/25

    The box is roughly 40" x 25" x 25" Weight is approx 150-200 lbs. I have a large box of small items that needs picked up on or before 4/25. Member tbar123 isn't heading that way until 4/26. Anyone else going next week? I can plan on picking up soon thereafter. If I end up going, it will be...
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