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  1. stampy

    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    Anyone ever replace the hydraulic fan. Mine leaks like a sieve.
  2. stampy

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month - October VOTE HERE!

    Tanks for the memories!
  3. stampy

    How many of you use your cucv's everyday ?

    I used to but I need to put a new IP in her as she won't start when hot. Luckily that was only one of a few vehicle I have to drive
  4. stampy

    Just bought an M1008 !

    Spin on fuel filter unless you are going for authenticity. It will save you on LOTS of headaches and cranking when changing over fuel filters as you can prefill the filter with diesel.
  5. stampy

    So, what's the one thing you'd change?

    Oh and NOT to beat a dead horse but I agree with Chris's view on politics (even though any of you who know me probably know which side of the fence I am on). Part of what I love about this site is, it's not divided by partisan crap (except for using CUCV's a wheel chocks...but that's just...
  6. stampy

    So, what's the one thing you'd change?

    How about a master list for each truck/ genset with all major wear parts part numbers and cross ref # It would save loads of time going through threads and even the stickys. It could be easily printed and kept in your truck just in case.
  7. stampy

    custom battery tray

    Thats exactly what mine looks like except I have red tops. It leaves a great spot up front to connect your air intake for your aircleaner and to put a tool box under the hood.
  8. stampy

    fuel filter questions

    Spin on = easier filter changes
  9. stampy

    White Hercules multifuel ...need advice

    I agree with the starting off in 2nd gear thing unless you are pulling a load. The shift is quick from first to second and my trucks pull off easy in second. Your truck looks clean to me I'd do what the others said, maybe wash the engine with some block cleaner and start and run the motor to...
  10. stampy

    cucv wont start sometimes

    I was going to say it sounds like the starter is misaligned and when you spin the crank it meshes enough to get it to start. It would show up as intermittent due to heating and cooling and the condition of the teeth of both.
  11. stampy

    Overcharging - m931a2

    Mine does this on start up for about 3-4 min . I assume this is due to the low battery issue but I am concerned that it may be harder on the batteries due to there only being two. While I know 4 is preferable due to capacity two batteries start and run the truck just fine here in NC. Any easy...
  12. stampy

    it runs but need help

    Air intake and exhaust free and clear?
  13. stampy

    M1009: Water leaking into cab

    I thought oil and water leaks were a design feature! If it doesn't leak oil its out!
  14. stampy

    Trade a 84 936 for a 97 Hummer

    Personally I'd keep the 936 (bird in the hand thing) This project may run into costs and time constraints you don't want to deal with, unless you are wealthy and retired and need a hobby. If you have a rebuilder near you who could look it over and quote you a price thats firm to rebuild then and...
  15. stampy

    Few questions on fuel delivery

    Biodiesel will clean the crap out of a tank too (ask me how I know) When it's been sitting for a while expect to go through filters. Many of us have changed our square filters for a spin off filter. That helps with wear and tear on your starter and batteries as you can prefill the filter with...
  16. stampy

    New Deuce owner in NC

    welcome to the addiction, from another nc member!
  17. stampy

    Working on the MKT

    Wow I think I got 3 of mine for that much total, and they had stuff the most expensive was the 99 that was 1500$ and was loaded
  18. stampy

    2013 NC Steel Soldiers MV RALLY April 11,12,13

    +1 for helping with the MKT and breakfast- dinner Cabell, as I plan on being there. I don't know about passengers. I will be in a Deuce or 5 ton. The first year in Uhwarriee was awesome.
  19. stampy

    what is this any interest in any of its parts

    It would be for my 5 ton dump or 923
  20. stampy

    what is this any interest in any of its parts

    i'd be interested in the hard top
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