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    Florida Winter Rally, Mt Dora, Buy-Sell-Trade Thread

    Here it is folks! This is always a good show, so bring all of your swap meet stuff and take a bunch more home! Post up what your going to bring and what you need! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk

    Pic test

    I've been having an issue with posting pics from my Android using Tapatalk, they would post as links instead of visible pics to those viewing by computer. I have updated my tapaatalk app and hopefully this fixes the problem. Can these pics be seen by pc view? Thanks Sent from my...

    Klr 250 1030 clone

    So I needed a bigger bike for the woods and street to replace the ke 100 that resided on the back of the camper when in route to an MV rally somewhere. I was originally looking for the klr 650 to convert but thought it was physically to large for the application so went with the 250. Found this...

    2017 Mt Dora MVPA Winter Rally, Buy Sell Trade

    Looking for some MV parts? Have some parts or an MV to sell? Have something to trade? Post it all up here! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk

    "Taj" 2016 GA Rally / NC Tour

    This year I've decided to head up to Bryson City NC 28713 and spend a week with a friend before stopping in at the GA Rally on my return trip home to Central Fl, Round trip about 1,200 miles. And of course pulling the "Taj" with the deuce tractor! Traveling with me is my fiancee "Nancita", and...

    Sanford Fl Memorial Day Parade, 5 - 30 - 16

    Please join me for the Sanford Memorial Day Parade. The parade staging area is on 1st Street, from Sanford Avenue to Pine Avenue. Due to street closures, I suggest entering the staging area from HWY 17-92 and head east on 3rd Street (at Burger King traffic light) and turning left onto Pine...

    Pic test

    Pic test!

    Pic test


    Sanford Fl. to Robins AFB Ga.

    Hi Folks. I am scheduled to pick up my recently aquired m373 trailer from Robins AFB on 6/23. My plans are to leave Sanford on the 23rd at 3 am and travel 380 miles to To Robins before noon, hook up and start on the return trip before stopping for some sleep. I'll be running solo and driving...
  10. RAYZER

    2015 MVPA Central Florida Winter Rally, Buy Sell Trade Come join the fun at the largest Military Vehicle Rally and Swapmeet in central Florida! Post up here what parts your looking for and bringing to sell!
  11. RAYZER

    Lds Injection Pump On Ldt

    I've been having an issue with the code E injection pump on my Ldt deuce tractor and would like to replace it with an Lds code B Pump i have on hand, will this work? Searching through tm 9-2815-210-34, I find the Lds pump advance unit springs are shorter and have a lighter compression rate than...
  12. RAYZER

    Injection Pump Stumble

    So i just completed a 900 mile round trip with the deuce tractor with new head gaskets installed in between! She has always run top notch with no fuel systems issues. Primary filter was changed before the trip and normal fuel return splash in the tank so i don't believe any filters are clogged...
  13. RAYZER

    M246 wrecker tractor hydraulic hose replacement

    Went to move the crane the other day and blew one of the hydrolic hose that comes up through the floor and connects to the swing pump, fluid spraying everywhere! what a mess. Both 50 year old swing pump hoses are badly rotted out and I'll have to replace several more. This is to say the least...
  14. RAYZER

    Rescue Recovery Of An Old Steel Soldier

    Found this old steel soldier in a truck salvage yard in Zellwood Fla a couple of months ago( some of you might recognize this truck),the other day i decided to make the yard owner a offer,he held out his hand,now its mine! This morning, myself, Highfavor1004 and his very understanding wife...
  15. RAYZER

    Deuce road tractor conversion

    Well,i needed a tractor to pull my m146 trailor, i wanted to stick with a 2.5 ton for a few reasons: the m146 was designed to be pulled by a deuce, multi fuel capability and i allready had the deuce ww and couldn't find a m275a2 within reach. So i bought all the components off the back of a...
  16. RAYZER

    109a3,new home,new purpose

    I have wanted a 109 for a long time,thanks to a ss member willing to make me a good deal on this one,she now has a new home and a new purpose,the extra storage i now have will expedite my m146 rv conversion! :grd:
  17. RAYZER

    M146 RV Conversion

    Hi Folks! Well I picked up this jewel of a m146 out of Warner Robins about 5 months back,my plans are to have her converted this year ( hopefully ) into a full blown self contained expidition vehicle with extended live in capabuilities. Planed amenities are: ac, lp heat,lp stove and lp...
  18. RAYZER

    evo 4g smartphone

    I do all of my ss website activity from my evo smart phone. I can post pics to classified adds ,but cannot post pics in a thread. When attempting to post a pic in a thread (manage attachments window) its a dead link. Any help is appreciated.
  19. RAYZER

    wheel bearing #'s help

    I plan on replacing a couple of wheel bearings before my 900 mile round trip to the ga. rally, going to try miller bearing in Orlando, need the inner and outer race and bearing #,s as stamped on the parts themselve's, any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  20. RAYZER

    Ran out of fuel ):

    well i ran da deuce out of fuel today, first time for doing that!So My wife and I jumped in da deuce today headed over to a friend's house, i knew i was low on juice cause the guage said E, but it was only a 1/2 mile to the store and what could possibly go wrong? needless to say that we only...
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