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  1. twisted60

    Hard top

    Planning to install 2 man military hard top on my M1152, it does have attachment points on A pillar. My question is can I use regular B pillar or do I need different B pillar. B pillar currently installed is for soft top. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. twisted60

    Help ID'ing

    My M1152 has these all around, Friend thinks it some kind of RFID
  3. twisted60

    Humvee cooling issue

    Need help figuring this out, my 2006 M1152ECV 6.5 Turbo gets hot when I drive, sitting in drive way I can let her run for hours no issue. So what I've done so far; Changed all hoses, new surp belt, new OEM thermostat, flushed radiator, fresh antifreeze mixed to 50/50, preformed eng block test...
  4. twisted60

    M1152 brake light switch

    Anybody have this before ? The brake light switch in my M1152 (left side) gets really hot. I don't see a test procedure for the switch in the tm's, I can't imagine it's supposed to get hot. Also I believe the right side is brake light what is the left side ? I think I remember reading it has...
  5. twisted60

    Humvee windshield frame

    Need help identifying items circled in red, parts book does not list them separate, just trying to figure out what they're for. They are on my M1152.
  6. twisted60

    M1152 windshield

    Need help id’ing parts circled in red. I see my windshield frame has something I don’t recognize. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. twisted60

    Engine Rotated Method

    Looking close at pictures I see “Engine Rotated Method” painted on my hood (humvee still in EUC limbo) any ideas ? I assume it mean engine is not seized. It’s a USMC M1152. Humvee not running (no batteries or belt). Thanks Rick
  8. twisted60

    Is M1152 lifted ?

    Just won a M1152 and it looks like it may already be lifted. Looks like more space between tires and fenders than my M998. So is it lifted ? Thanks
  9. twisted60

    Help with install of rear warn electric winch

    I find instructions for the front mount but not for the rear mounting. Is there a TM out there that I haven't found ? All I've got is a Warn 24v electric winch on a rear mount plate, no controller or instructions. Thanks
  10. twisted60

    Help translating this tag

    Found this dog tag in Humvee, it has the correct registration number but could use some help translating the rest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. twisted60

    Air o matic

    Hi all, I'm helping a veteran group fix up their Deuce, it a '65 Keiser with multifuel eng. I'm looking for pictures of Maradyne Air o Matic installed, I found the install instruction but I'd love to see one installed on a truck. There was one on their truck before but they took it to get worked...
  12. twisted60

    Humvee sending unit resistance

    I found the resistance readings in the TM this morning but for the life of me I can't find it again. It gave the ohms reading when checking the sending unit for empty, half and full. I think it was 0 ohms empty, 17 half and 32 full ? I tried the troubleshooting section but nothing... I'm...
  13. twisted60

    '86 M998 Humvee issue with headlights and turnsignals

    First I did a search, I found lots on turn signals but did not find any on my issue. So here it is... I have LED lights all the way around and an LED bulb in the turn signal switch. Turn signals work good until I turn on headlights, then no more turn signals. Headlights on, turn signals not...
  14. twisted60

    LED issue

    Stumped, I just installed LED brake and turn signals in my '86 M998 but,,, when I have my head lights on the turn signals don't work. With headlights off everything works perfectly. I replaced the bulb in turn signal switch with an LED, I have LED marker lights, LED headlights, LED brake and...
  15. twisted60

    MTR vs MT tire mixing

    I'm putting a new set of MTR tires on my HMMWV, I noticed on the side wall of the MTR's it says not to mix with MT tires, anyone know why ? I always heard not to mix bias ply and radial ply tires but the MT's and MTR's are both radials. I am planning to keep my best MT tire as a spare and put my...
  16. twisted60

    Cr-2696 tsu vs cr-2696a tsu

    I've run searches here, google, nsn and as far as I can tell the CR-2696 TSU is compatible with the CR-2696A. Can anyone confirm these are interchangeable. Thanks
  17. twisted60

    HMMWV tires, runflat required or not

    I'm about to put new tires on my HMMWV, is it a good idea to put the runflats back in ? Or can I run the tires with out runflats ? I don't see running low tire pressure in my future, mostly just drive to events and back. MTR tires going on 12 bolt rims, M998 1986. Thanks
  18. twisted60

    Check your Feedthru Terminal and Ground

    I was rolling around on the creeper yesterday and found an issue, truck started fine (only drove in and out of garage, still waiting on SF97). Anyway I found that the Feedthru Terminal , TM 9-2320-280-24P-1 figure 69 *a from battery box thru the...
  19. twisted60

    HMMWV recovery U-Haul nightmare

    Got her home today after a uhaul nightmare. So long story short 3 uhaul trucks later I got her home. Started at 0600 morning of 7 dec and ended 0020 8 Dec, only a 600 mile round trip... She's still on the trailer until sun up, then I'll move her off the trailer.
  20. twisted60

    Recognizing: ODFever & Signalcorps

    Sending out a thanks to ODFever and Signalcorps for the great Veterans Day Parade in Orlando. Even with a little rain it was a great day.
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