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  1. Jbulach

    M939A2 starter issue

    And if all else fails “smack it with a hammer”.
  2. Jbulach

    M939A2 starter issue

    I think you need the @ symbol in front of the user name instead of the # to send out the bat signal. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong… again. @74M35A2
  3. Jbulach

    Haspin 2022

    Looks like we’ll miss trike fest this year!!!
  4. Jbulach

    Buying Specific Deuce RV

    I wouldn’t be afraid of the truck for that price, if the title is all legit. The seller on the other hand, good luck? Sounds like he will be taking bids, or picking out of hundreds of inquiries on who writes the best love letter, begging him to choose them.
  5. Jbulach

    Low air alarm

    Failsafe alarm notorious for “failing”, if your low air pressure and parking brake warning lights are still functioning correctly put a piece of tape over the speaker until you decide if you want to spend the money to replace.
  6. Jbulach

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    If you pull the injectors you should be able to roll the motor over very easy.
  7. Jbulach

    I am back in the MV game

    Both trucks coming from the same place, how far? Let me know, I may be able to help if you go after them.
  8. Jbulach

    Harbor Freight Winch questions

    Very old Warn M1000. Looks unused, price would very wildly, especially depending if you have the solenoid pack and controller. Would call the rusty cable worthless, even though myself I would service and use it. Edit: just looked again, may be not rusted?
  9. Jbulach

    Here she is! Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    Anyone have a picture example of these, no chance what your looking for are cage nuts?
  10. Jbulach

    M35A2 front pinion bearing broke down

    You could make some ugly caps out of wood, find the closest size hole saw you can find that will still let the axles spin. Only need a few oversize bolt holes with washers. Good luck!
  11. Jbulach

    1980 M920 fuel

    If the new owner’s in your neck of the woods might want to wait till spring to run bio
  12. Jbulach

    A2 Coolant sensor?

    I have a motor partially tore down, what are you looking for, port thread size, how much room is in front of port for the sensor? Can probably get you pics Saturday, maybe even pull sensor if needed…
  13. Jbulach

    Simp's M920 build thread

    Whats you’re thoughts on the hydraulic fan, I assume they are actually hydraulic driven, or just actuated?
  14. Jbulach

    Need some ether start canisters.

    Anyone ever deal with Kold-ban?
  15. Jbulach

    which tire you would prefer

    10 years ago back when I was still buying 16.5’s I was told that BFG only ran 16.5 tires once or twice a year. I think they only made 16.5 in A/T back then IIRC.
  16. Jbulach

    which tire you would prefer

    I think what the OP is trying to say is this ain’t his first rodeo, get off his asss, and back to tire info…
  17. Jbulach

    which tire you would prefer

    I’ve had experience with all of them except in smaller sizes. The MT where a previous version, however where a good all around tire, but wore down fast. The SSR where good off road, not great anywhere else, chunked, cracked, and split within a year of mounting. Warranted two that did the...
  18. Jbulach

    m939a2 tires leak out on one side

    This /\ just a coincidence it’s all one side, possible wheel valve but not a CTIS system as a whole problem.
  19. Jbulach

    24 volt harbor freight jump starter

    Eats banana, slips on peel, breaks anvil with head.
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