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  1. dodjh

    Windshield gasket M38A1

    Bought new gasket for windshield and now need to install...looked at several videos and read a lot about how to do it. I have driver side glass out and that section of gasket, pass. side gasket is very hard rubber and have yet to remove it and the glass. When I do get it out and clean up the...
  2. dodjh

    M38A1 fuel line to pick-up

    Working on fuel tank installation {M38A1} and the pick-up has a push connection for the fuel line...I think. In order for the line to seal, {flare} does it have to be a specific diameter? I would like to run 1/4" line to lessen any back flow into the tank.
  3. dodjh

    Auto to Manual trans.

    727 has been leaking fluid and need to deal with it. I have a 4speed from an '84' Dodge pickup with the granny Low. Mine has the 318 and 203 TC. What would be involved to swap the 727 with N435 or 455 ( not sure which it is as I'm typing but it is the granny Low)?
  4. dodjh

    Hood replacement

    swapped out hood on my M880 (started yesterday and finished bolting up replacement today) ...I know but when your doing it alone, it takes longer, Problem is when closed Pass. side/right side will not close from cowel line just past the hinges . Hood sits aprox. 2" high there and lowers to...
  5. dodjh

    M880 5.2 smoke coming out of air breather inlet

    Having trouble starting and after a start, will run and then die. After several rotations of this, smoke will eventually build up in air breather. I would guess, gasoline not burning efficiently in combustion chamber and/or carburetor and timing issues. Anyone had this happen? Thanks
  6. dodjh

    Master Cylinder Push Rod Adjustment

    Installing a new Brake Power Booster, tag says, "Master Cylinder Push Rod Adjustment must be checked for proper clearance." How is this done? Thanks!
  7. dodjh

    PS pump and steering gear box

    Hi, my PS fluid is milky and I wanted to change all the fluid in the pump and steering sector. Removed only line on the steering sector that would come out (first jacked up front end) and turned steering wheel back and forth. Emptied pump reservoir several times before reconnecting line on...
  8. dodjh

    Wiring a M38A! 12V system

    I just wrote a long explanation to the problem I'm having w/ wiring in a new SRS (starter relay solenoid). It included where my wires are connected and etc. I posted it and was asked to log in again...consequently the entire message vanished when I did this. I need help in wiring a 4 post SRS...
  9. dodjh

    Front two tires not plumb..leaning

    MY 53 M38A! front tires are leaning (when sitting) from 12 o clock to about 5 o clock. Had someone try to fix it ] but couldn't determine why. Any ideas?
  10. dodjh

    Dist. & plugs

    On a 4cyl. Hurricane engine, I need to check location and routing of the plug wires on the distributor and engine. Been looking for 30mins. and can't find a diagram or if CW or CCW movement on a '53-M38A1..Thanks
  11. dodjh

    Fuel tank sending unit assembly

    Anyone know where I can find the complete assembly for the fuel tank?
  12. dodjh

    YS Carburetor for A1

    After cranking and idling, (which is no problem) if I press the gas pedal a little more the engine starts to die. If I hold it there it will die. If I push more it catches and runs fine. The rpms just past idle, 700 - 800, is where it pulls down. So if I remove my foot from the...
  13. dodjh

    M38 A1 rear axle

    Does the M38 A1 ('53') have a Dana 44 10 spline rear axle? Thanks
  14. dodjh

    Locker for rear differential M38 A1

    Can anyone help me find a locker for the D 44 in the M38 A1...I believe it is a 10 spline axle? I have been browsing the archives and threads gaining more knowledge but not able to lay my hand on a locker. Some have talked about going to a 19 spline axle in the D 44 and buying the proper...
  15. dodjh

    Compartment below fuel tank

    Does anyone know what the compartment below the M38A1 fuel tank is...'53' model?
  16. dodjh

    MB GPW axle ratios

    Does anyone know what the axle ratios are for the full floating axles on the MB and GPW? Thanks!
  17. dodjh


    My M38A1 was 24V but was converted to 12V. It still has the generator on it and I was curious of what I had to do to use it as a welder in the field? Thanks
  18. dodjh

    Water proof Dist. & spark plug wires M38-A1

    My M38A1 doesn't have the WP distributor or WP plug wires. Would that mean it isn't equipped with the ventilation system for the crankcase, Trans, T/C, front and rear end, brakes, fuel tank and valve cover? It does have the metal shields where the wiring connects. Also, would there be a...
  19. dodjh

    waterproof spark plug

    On the Hurricane waterproof spark plug what plug is used? Thanks
  20. dodjh

    Waterproof distributor

    My M38 A-1 has been converted to 12V w/o waterproof distributor. If I add the waterproof distributor do I have to convert it back to a 24 V system? (I have the early model type made in Jan. '53.') If not how do I set it up? Thanks
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