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  1. diverman555

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Replaced the entire hood, entire Rt window and frame. Got new grounding straps and did some touch up paint.
  2. diverman555

    Lost in the bush

    It is not built yet, We are working on paperwork, that's why I said we just sent in the FED ID application. the Tax # is 46-0937009 We are trying to start raising money now it is a long process. This will take a couple years to finish and that depends on money. We are working on a grant to buy...
  3. diverman555

    Lost in the bush

    I was talking to Mike the other day from Lost in the Bush, and would like to give him a big thumbs up. Mike asked me if I was the one doing things for our Vet's. I said yes and that we were looking for a hundred acres, that we wanted to build 20 cabins and a large office building with several...
  4. diverman555

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Finally able to replace the hood that GL caved in. This will look so much better.
  5. diverman555


    Derrick, how about some pics of what you won.
  6. diverman555

    Changing a tire on a 5 ton

    Friday I was pulling into my driveway and stopped, when I heard a loud hissing sound. I was the air leaving my left front tire in a hurry. I got the truck in a good spot and stopped. I jumped out of the truck and saw a split 6" long on the inside of the tire. I got my tire tools out and was...
  7. diverman555

    great place for my butt

    I will put some pics up in a couple days, "friend borrowed" camera for a couple days.
  8. diverman555

    great place for my butt

    I stopped by a Truck shop I get fluids from for the M923 and was talking with the girl that runs the place. I asked if there were any truck Salvage yards around and she said yes about 2 miles away. I told her I wanted to see if they had any air seats for my truck. She paused for a second and...
  9. diverman555

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Glen, do you ship tires out on pallets?
  10. diverman555

    Humvees in boneyard--------

    How is it that some people are able to get one that was cut in half, then fix it all up. I see some people have some, how do they do it?
  11. diverman555

    Which 1400 tires do you like and why

    I like the Michellin xl's I like the best they are 4 in" taller than the goodyear.
  12. diverman555

    M923 middle axle seal leaking

    ON a couple different times both air pressure gauges almost peaked then the pressure dropped back to normal. I found the relief valve on top of the housing, both housings seemed to move freely. One time when the gauges got above normal I could hear the pressure release from the right side just...
  13. diverman555

    M923 middle axle seal leaking

    Thank you sir, I saw the pressure gauges go up past where it should. I tried to find where the pressure relief was but could not find it. Is it on the rear end housing or is it the valve on the bottom of the bed. There were 2 of them up there. Do you know where in the TM's I would look under for...
  14. diverman555

    M923 middle axle seal leaking

    I have a 1985, M923. The middle axle drivers side started leaking yesterday. I went through the TM's looked up rear end, axles, differential, seals and can't find a break down of how to replace the seal or how the bearings and gaskets are located. I can't even find the parts # for the seal. Can...
  15. diverman555

    Military Guns

    Is their anywhere on our site we are allowed to talk about military weapons or are they all Taboo?
  16. diverman555

    new headlights

    sounds like my Ex wife, All but useless and barely puts out at night.LOL
  17. diverman555

    Building a new Website

    Hello everyone, My wife and I are doing a 501(C)3 non profit. Sense I have not a clue on how to build a WEB SITE I thought I would ask for help from our great guys on here. (Basics) My wife and I are going to purchase about 80 to 100 Acres here in southern Michigan. (Goal) My wife and I have...
  18. diverman555

    Question for cold weather starting

    wheelspinner, what a difference it made, you were so rt.. anybody got one of those just pain in a-- neighbors? I have one. These people complain about everything. Example, I was trimming some trees, and had branches on the ground between the 2 houses. Well it started getting dark so I decided...
  19. diverman555

    Question for cold weather starting

    Yes, it has the NHC250 motor. I plugged it in for 1.5 hours and it still took a few revolutions before it fired, This morning it is 4 deg out and I am leaving it plugged in for 3 hrs and try that. I would like this truck to kick rt. over and only take a few minutes to get warm. Mark
  20. diverman555

    Question for cold weather starting

    M923, Just a M923 not an upgrade, my other truck is an A1
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