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  1. HeadWizard

    M35A3 from SC to VA. anyone? anyone?

    Hi- I've got an M35A3 down at Adams place in Hopkins, SC 29061 that has long exceeded it's welcome (bad me). Need it to get to Chantilly, VA 20151. It will need to be trailered. Adam can help with loading and I can help with unloading. Price is really important these days, sorry. It needs...
  2. HeadWizard

    E-Brake works once

    Nylock nuts work well also. That's what I used.
  3. HeadWizard

    wipers are slow

    Taking the resistor out should raise the voltage some allowing the motor to run at a higher speed. That would mean that the voltage is low to begin with. Bad ground or connection is the most likely cause. High friction in the linkage the other culprit. Clean all grounds and connectors...
  4. HeadWizard

    yet another glow plug issue

    Agree with Ranchhopper, had that happen on a couple of our older 6.5 mechanically injected p/u's. Bad injector. Sucks but will fix the problem.
  5. HeadWizard

    Death Wobble... Almost fixed....

    In my experience the Death Wobble came from a couple of issues, including tires with broken belts internally. New steering stabilizers just mask the issue for a while.
  6. HeadWizard

    Columbia SC to Northern VA Need M35A3 Moved

    Thanks- I might have to do that. Hopefully someone wants to make a few $ moving it.
  7. HeadWizard

    Columbia SC to Northern VA Need M35A3 Moved

    As I have done in the past, I've used the good graces of another SS member to store something for too long. Time just flies sometimes. I have an M35A3 stored at Adams Railroad museum down in the Columbia, SC area that needs to come up to Chantilly or Lucketts, VA. The truck drives wonderfully...
  8. HeadWizard

    cucv tires

    Try the General Grabber AT2's. They are an all-terrain very similar to the BFG and the price point is better.
  9. HeadWizard

    Need a source for Hemtt Wheels

    Check the classifieds. $179 each for 5 or more HEMMT wheels with FREE SHIPPING to points east of the Mississippi.
  10. HeadWizard

    Questions about register M35 in VA

    I've been off the site for a little while so I haven't been reading or posting. He's my 2cents2cents wanted or not. First off, no reason to flame or get in urination contests...especially between newbies and old timers. We're all here to help each other. Second, contrary to the thoughts...
  11. HeadWizard

    Fresh Resto #4 M1009

    What size / make / model tires did you use? Nice Job!
  12. HeadWizard

    Bobbed with shortened original bed?

    Cut a regular bed. Looks more original..... that is, as much as a bobbed truck on huge tires can look. 8)
  13. HeadWizard

    Deuce from MD to SC

    If it will help on getting it shipped or towed, I have a Deuce in SC, Columbia area, that needs to be towed back to the DC area. It could provide a back haul for a tow company or shipper and maybe save us both a few $$. Not trying to hijack the thread, just offering an option. Thanks- Don
  14. HeadWizard

    what to do with surplus Beds and Trailers?

    Just cut down the deuce bed and use it for the bob job. They look better than trailer beds on bobbed trucks anyway.
  15. HeadWizard

    Columbia, SC to Pennsylvania

    Aubrey- Good luck on the recovery and the trip home. Sorry it didn't work out with both our trucks, but the CTIS was being a problem keeping the tires up. Let me know if you need any help in the DC area. Don
  16. HeadWizard

    M915A1 Richmond Recovery 11-10-10

    Glad you got home safe. I've met the lovely woman at the 1st counter on the right at the welcome center at Richmond and concur with your opinion. She can be exactly as you say. Make the trip less fun. Just think I get to go see her next week!
  17. HeadWizard

    5 Ton Bobbed w/w pricing

    I just can't get used to the look of trailer beds on bobbed trucks :???:. Just spend the time to cut down a real bed. 2cents
  18. HeadWizard

    Choosing Custom Plates

    How about these?
  19. HeadWizard

    New Guy from Northern VA

    Welcome! I'm right up the road from you. Live in Clifton and keep the Fleet in Chantilly at the shop. Come by and take a look sometime - you might get a better idea of what you want. Don
  20. HeadWizard

    Anyone selling 24v-12v converters

    Check the classifieds ;)
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