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  1. badgerd

    HUMVEE 29Z wire info needed

    Circuit numbers are the "same" throughout a vehicle as long as it hasn't been "fooled" with. The 29 circuit should be 24V from the start/run switch since that's what it is going to the trans relay. It's safe to assume that your 29Z is switched power for one of the other two relays, but I...
  2. badgerd

    HUMVEE 29Z wire info needed

    There are 2 “29” wires in that area, 29D from the run switch to the circuit breaker and 29T from the circuit breaker to the 12V relay for the TCM. I can check to see what the 29T is later for M/F if that’s the one you need. I don’t have the original breaker installed to check the other...
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