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  1. Stinkmarder

    Pickup Yermo CA?

  2. Stinkmarder

    Pickup Yermo CA?

    Is anyone around YERMO and can pickup and store a Engine w / Shipping Container? Urgently
  3. Stinkmarder

    HMMWV Inspection in California.

    Can be deleted Thanks Jens
  4. Stinkmarder

    New guy from Germany

    wellcome :cool:
  5. Stinkmarder

    Current situation on SF97s?

    I got a M1102 trailer and I’m still waiting for my SF-97. (Till July) Has somebody an eMail to contact GP? Not CustomerService@GP
  6. Stinkmarder

    8 weeks and counting

    ##### Dear Valued GovPlanet Customer, We have recently received communication from the Government regarding the asset you recently won with GovPlanet that required an End User Certificate (EUC). Unfortunately, the government service charged with approval of your EUC experienced a technical...
  7. Stinkmarder

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    I got my EUC yesterday. And now waiting for the SF-97.
  8. Stinkmarder

    8 weeks and counting

    Hi. Any EUC news? I'm waiting, too.
  9. Stinkmarder

    M1102 Cargo Trailer Albany, Georgia

    (y) Thank you! :cool:
  10. Stinkmarder

    Soft Top install and Water Proofing question

    1) A new Soft Top is water proof . Do not need extra waterproofing 2) Not to cold. But at the moment not the problem.
  11. Stinkmarder

    M1102 Cargo Trailer Albany, Georgia

    Hi. I have bought a M1102 Cargo Trailer (HUMVEE) in Albany, Georgia (GovPlanet) Now I need a carrier to transport it to Amarillo or to the port in Houston. But before I need a parking place to store the trailer for a few days. Can someone help? Best Regards Jens
  12. Stinkmarder

    New member from Germany

    Welcome ...oder besser gesagt Moin Nachbar. I'm from north Hannover
  13. Stinkmarder

    Vw Iltis

    This is the "Natoknochen". battery switch
  14. Stinkmarder

    4 man cargo cover kit

    Sorry. My mistake.
  15. Stinkmarder

    4 man cargo cover kit You want $6.200 for the Kit? o_O Call Alex. He can ship the kit from Germany to you.
  16. Stinkmarder

    green flag GP

    Yes it is. The Y ist the End of GermanY. But nobody knows the meaning of the green flag?
  17. Stinkmarder

    green flag GP

    OK. I will change it.
  18. Stinkmarder

    green flag GP

    Hi. You don't know the licence plate with the Y ?
  19. Stinkmarder

    green flag GP

    Holla. What meens the green flag on the steering weel. I saw it on some GP pics (HUMVEE).
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