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  1. paulfarber

    9x20 inner tube price check

    I need two inner tubes. Seems that online the going price is $24-28. Is that about right? Anyone have a good source for tube? I plan on patching one just as an emergency backup, but still need two for flats I have now.
  2. paulfarber

    Yet another motor and mod

    Since the SBC oil pump and drill get pretty old pretty quick I searched for a motor to rig up. Since I am all about the 'cost savings' $150+ for a motor is not realistic, I simply don't more that much oil to need it. So, off to (you guessed it) Harbor Freight to get a 1HP clean water pump. 1"...
  3. paulfarber

    Small parts from NC to PA

    I will be travelling from NC (Wilkesboro) to PA on Thursday. I have a jeep cherokee that can take some small items if anyone needs anything taken back. I will also be goi to the Gilbert PA meet so I can do a hand off there. PM by this Wednesday as I leave at noon on Thursday,
  4. paulfarber

    CCKW engine decals... update

    I got the quote back for the engine decals for the GMC270 used on the CCKW (and DUKW). These are water slip laquer decals that are only available from one or two companies in the US. There will be two sets available: One will include the early round oil filter logo decal, the other will...
  5. paulfarber

    Yet another shout out of Utah Biodiesel

    Ordering some more poly filters for the totes. Just want to give another 'attaboy' to Utah Biodiesel Supply. The guy is friendly, answers emails and has the best prices I can find for the filters : 7x32 1 micron poly bag: $6.70 Utah Biodiesel: 7x32 1 micron poly bag: $5.75...
  6. paulfarber

    How much water is ok?

    Anyone have any idea how much water is acceptable to run in diesel? With condensation, unknown tank sources (are there really filters in the fuel lines? Anyone ever see one get changed?) etc a lot of water has to be getting through. I read...
  7. paulfarber

    Thread reply to short?

    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 3 characters. I have been getting this message fairly consistantly. Different threads, different forums. And yes, there were more than 3 characters in my reply. Firefox/WIndows Vista.
  8. paulfarber

    Lug nuts (and how to bust your own)

    Won an M105a2 trailer with brandy new tires (molding nubs and all). Seeing that the fronts on Milla were cupped it was time for a swap. The standard budd wrench didn't do anything so off to HF to get the $99 ($79 after 20% off) 3/4th inch air hammer. I didn't have or want to buy the 1/2 hose...
  9. paulfarber

    Best explination of the 'crackle test'

    Monitor Water-In-Oil with the Visual Crackle Test
  10. paulfarber

    WMO tips to far

    I drove my deuce to Ft Drum to get a trailer I won. I figured I'd put my WMO to use and 'drive for free'. Well... almost. The first tank up was 100% WMO, but the stuff in the 55gallon drum I had in the bed was clogging up the screen in the filler on the diesel tank.. so I didn't use it...
  11. paulfarber

    Oil dye for TS issue?

    Anyone use and have a source for some dye? I guess its UV? Does it work with minor leaks?? I have drips (and now a slipping clutch) from the bellhousing and want to dye the engine oil to confirm it. Read a few threads about oil from the bellhousing and it mentions a tranny vent? Any pics...
  12. paulfarber

    Will be at Ft. Drum 7/5 or 7/6 for pickup

    I will be picking up my M105a2 next week from Ft. Drum. I will be taking my Deuce so will have some room for other stuff. Let me know if I can bring anything back from Ft. Drum.. my route is 81 S after stopping by jtonka's for some stuff.
  13. paulfarber

    Found 275gal IBC totes in NE PA

    If anyone in NE PA or W NY or N NJ is looking for totes I found a place that has them.. washed with lids and valves. Dixon Sealers in Scranton PA has them for $99 each. I just got two and he had about 20-30 on site. He said he get them regularly. 1-800-233-4966 and ask for Steve
  14. paulfarber

    High and hard........ brake pedal

    I read a few threads regarding hard brake pedal and little brake pedal movement. My truck stops fine, the brakes don't get hot (drag) and I can hear the air pack release (like at a stop sign.. engine is at idle, I let of the brakes and hear a 'fisshhhtttt' sound). I have also squirted oil into...
  15. paulfarber

    Price check - axle seal kit

    I found a place selling both oil seals, the cork and the paper gasket for $25. Is that a decent prince for a 'kit'?
  16. paulfarber

    Leaking axle... and not the good kind

    Today I was shooting grease in the zerks and got to the forward read axle. Both inner rims were covered in grease and oil. I took the vent off and removed the spring and seal (no fording in the near future) and started to search of leaking axle posts here. The drivers side wheel was...
  17. paulfarber

    M105a2 trailer cable?

    I read a few M105a2 recovery threads and have a good idea what I need to do to get the trailer. I will be using me M35a2 to get the trailer, but I am unsure about the inter-vehicle cable. Is this attached to the trailer? Do I need to buy one? Pics show some black hose/cable looking things...
  18. paulfarber

    Un-bob a deuce

    I have the trailer to bob my 66. I plan on using the M105A2 trailer springs/subframe.. I see no real issues with the setup for my needs. I would like to know has anyone un-bobbed a deuce? I know welding a frame has issues, but by the time I am done with my bobbed duece and am ready to put it...
  19. paulfarber

    Altenator parts/snapped flange

    I has to tighten the alternator belts (would squeal at start up) and the tension bolt snapped the ear. The casting had a flaw (large void) so now the alternator is held in place by half a bolt hole. I would like to to try and find just the new front casting (I don't have my parts manual on...
  20. paulfarber

    Source of Donaldson M070028 muffler?

    I am thinking of adding the Donaldson M070028 muffler.. but cannot seem to locate one one line. Google shows one place that has not updated since 2009. Anyone know where to get one?
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