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  1. redcoat54th

    Museum needs help. AZ to MN

    I am a member of a small military musuem here in Minnesota. Looking to move a 2000# naval gun replica to Minnesota from Pheonix Arizona. We are in no hurry as the gun is safe where it is. I am wondering if anyone is planning a trip this way (or part way) and would have the space to help us...
  2. redcoat54th

    1.5Kw MEP-025A DC genset. Uses??

    MEP-025A. OK, just picked this baby up for $75 on CList. Now what can I do with it? What have you used them for? Might make a great slave starter for my duece?? Battery charger? Its 1968 vintage so will work for my Vietnam display. Thaks, Bob
  3. redcoat54th

    Locked Military padlocks

    I have no less than three American padlocks series 5200 locked on various places on my M35A2. It came that way from GL. I notice that there is a three letter code on the back of each. I do not want to cut the hasps. I there a way to find keys, diable the little buggers and re-key them OR will...
  4. redcoat54th

    New M35a2 in Minnesota

    My son Mike and I spent Sunday afternoon bringing home my new ride. I bought the M35 from Andydieselpower an SS member. I only live 35 miles south of Andy so I was able to go "pick one out" awile back. I have been saving and selling items so I could bring "Big Ben" home. Great trip, great...
  5. redcoat54th

    Deuce extras. The small things in life.

    OK, here is a question for those who served in Vietnam. There has been a lot of talk about paint and markings. What about the things carried in the cab and in the bed? Local added items like: radios, flashights, grenades, rifles ammo and mags, maps, webbing, smokes, C rations, first aid items...
  6. redcoat54th

    1945 Craigs List, Minnesota

    This ad was just posted and thought someone might want to have a look. Minneapolis MN located in Hugo, MN. Good luck, Bob "This all original 1945 army has 18,000 miles and is in great shape. This truck was a personel carrier so the bed has bench seats. With the truck also comes a like new...
  7. redcoat54th

    Canvas cover measurements

    Anyone know the size of the m35 canvas cover for the cargo bed? I need a canvas one for my Vietnam era truck and want to get the right one. many tnaks, Bob
  8. redcoat54th

    Anyone built there own ring mount?

    OK, so when the originals cost an arm and three legs maybe its time to rething. Has anyone built their own ring mount. I have seen the single tube M-60 mounts but a .50 Cal ring would look the part for a Vietnam era truck. Any pictures or adivce for the group would be most welcome. I am building...
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