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  1. 1stSarge

    CUCV Electric Explained

    *** CUCV Electric is out of business !!!! *** A thank you, apology, history, and explanation… I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been so supportive of me in the last couple of months. Your words of encouragement have meant the world to me and have been a rock. I...
  2. 1stSarge

    Mid Ohio Military Vehicle Show and Swap Meet - Marengo

    I have not seen a thread about this yet so I thought I would forward the information. Last year was a blast, it is where we met so many SS members for the first time. If you have a few things to sell, or look for, give this one a shot. It is a smaller show compared to Findlay, but very fun...
  3. 1stSarge

    Brackets and Tie Downs on the M109

    Getting ready to prep for paint and I find myself perplexed by what is on the 109. I have researched and I cannot come up with what this stuff is for. 1. Tie downs. What the heck would be the purpose of tie downs on a 109? I have heard that they exist so that a cover could be thrown over to...
  4. 1stSarge

    Should I marry this girl?

    Part I The Introduction This all started when I began talking to fellow members about purchasing a M109A3. I spoke to several people over the last few months, and got to know a few. Gimpy looked over a few we both knew about for me, and at one point even offered to sell me his. (you might have...
  5. 1stSarge

    Lockbourne / Columbus

    Headed to Lockbourne this week... info/previews/pics/ needed, PM me. As a general rule, with a few days warning, I can always slip down to Columbus, and usually Lockbourne if anyone needs anything.
  6. 1stSarge

    GL rescues my auction with two minutes left.

    So We have a few items on our Watch List, and the auctions close today at 5:00 pm. We couldn’t get to bidding until around 4:00 pm. And that’s when the trouble started. We entered our card and screeeech… the card name didn’t match exactly the GL user name. (middle initial on the card):shock...
  7. 1stSarge

    Instrument Cluster Cleanup

    **** Warning - Disconnect the batteries before starting. **** **** There are live 24v contacts that can short out when removing the dash cover and instrument cluster **** In troubleshooting many of the electrical gremlins in your CUCV, especially the charging system, many of the problems can be...
  8. 1stSarge

    Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Hello all, we have had our new M1008 for about a couple of weeks now, and thought I would share my experiences. I have looked long and hard for an M880, being a dodge guy, I was very familiar with the way Chrysler does things. But I could never find what I was looking for. But it seemed very...
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