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    Mighty Mite registry

    Well It has been soaking in the Marvil for a few days. I have been working of getting the shroud. It is not going very well I still have screws at the bottom that are hard to get to. I did try to turn the engine from the bolt on generator. It turned very easily. I am still going to let...
  2. J

    Mighty Mite registry

    I will be attempting to turn mine over next week. The first thing was to air hose around sparks. I looked in cylinders with endoscope. the ones that were down looked good. the ones that were up looked like a lot of carbon but could not inspect cylinder walls. Next I plan on vacuuming as...
  3. J

    Mighty Mite registry

    I was wondering if you got it unstuck, and what method did you use. Thanks
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