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    Braking resistor used as a load bank

    Yes sir, thank you for your input. I was referring to an over-load occurrence on the generator from using a low resistance load. Low resistance equals high current. These gen sets can be loaded up to 125% of their rated load and they will run...for a short time before faulting for over-current...
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    Braking resistor used as a load bank

    Thanks Johan. Yes, these are cast iron plates in series. I'm thinking that with some air flow across these plates they could sustain a load for a much longer time. I was using 120 volts single phase with one unit only and pulling from 60 - 80 amps. The amperage draw seemed to increase as the...
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    Braking resistor used as a load bank

    I've been buying and selling the MEP generators for a couple of years now. When I "show" one to a perspective buyer I usually connect it to my shop main panel where I can turn on various different breakers to show that it's producing power. I've been looking for a load bank for a while now, and...
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