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  1. Hammer

    18,000 WINCH MOUNT

    I was thinking a little more simple, but maybe stronger. Here is a super fast sketch. Heavy C Channel is cheap, and would lend a lot of strength.
  2. Hammer

    18,000 WINCH MOUNT

    I think it really boils down to how you plan on using it. If it were me, I would add in some heavy C Channel under the bolt holes to box it in and run the bolts all the way through. I have stretched out bolt holes on winch plates on some of my trailers before with a 9,000 lb winch. I have also...
  3. Hammer

    18,000 WINCH MOUNT

    How thick is that channel? Honestly, what you have is probably just fine. I just like to build stuff way overkill and never think about it again. Never under estimate the torsional strength of a winch, and how much it can twist/warp steel under a load. Anything you can add to better resist the...
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