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  1. patracy

    Govplanet Credit Card Fees

    GP/IP has been a "cash" auctioneer for years. Basically how that works is that you get preapproved or bring a note from your bank stating that you're good for the funds. If it's a large amount, they wire the money.
  2. patracy

    Govplanet Credit Card Fees

    Yes and no. Merchants can charge fees for processing a credit card. There are a handful of states that don't allow it though. There might be recourses that way in specific states. Otherwise, the 3% fee is under the actual fees imposed by the processor, which makes it comply with the TOS...
  3. patracy

    Govplanet Credit Card Fees

    Becoming more and more common to pass the CC processing fees to the consumer. I know when I did retail firearms, I certainly passed it down. As a merchant, the CC processing company would hit me for 1-5% given the type of card and how they used it. Then there's all the other risk involved...
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