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    Rear tire is hitting leaf spring on sharp turns

    My rear wheels were not tracking when backing up and turning. Bad spring seats. They were so worn and beat up that I put on new seats, bearings, and spring U bolts. $500,,,,,,,,,That was back in Dec of 2003,
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    Rear tire removal help

    most torque specs are for dry threads. If you oil them reduce the torque by 10%. If you use anti-seize reduce the torque by 30%. Sounds like a large reduction but on smaller bolts there is a chance of twisting them off. I use anti-seize on my truck, I have had them on and off many times and...
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    quick head stud questions

    On my engine, to retorque after running the engine involved pulling some injector lines and removing the rocker arm shaft. too much work. I had an engine block heater on my engine so before putting the anti freeze back in I heated it up on my two burner colman stove. Once I had a few gallons...
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    New Munitions Forums!

    GUN STORY circa 1997. I decide I want to go to the Knob Creek MG shoot so I buy gun #1. After the shoot I tell my wife I need another gun. I was spending too much time doing nothing while the barrel was cooling off. With 2 guns you could fire one while the other was cooling off. Bought gun #2...
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    engine heater

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    engine heater

    Well...I hate these computers, by mistake you just got the pictures, here is the story. I bought my heater from Tractor Supply. I had to make a simple sheet metal bracket to mount it to the frame. I hooked up the inlet hose to an existing threaded hole in the engine block and the hot water...
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    engine heater

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    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    This bearing has 12 balls and is rated at a Static load of 24000 N and a dynamic load of 40500 N (what ever that means?) I have drove it very little in the last 6 months (250miles) because of my wife's health problems but in the next couple of weeks she is going to have a repair job and then I...
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    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    I solved the trans input shaft leakage problem by putting in a different bearing. It has double seals and is prepacked with grease, it dosen't need tranny oil for lubricatilon. Its rated for 5300 rpms and up to 120 degrees C (about 250 degrees F) operating temp. Its an NTN bearing #6308LLUNRC3
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    Transmission install

    What I do is jack up the back of the truck utill the drive line is paralled with the ground. (about 6 inches on the rear axle) If you are using a trans. jack or a chainfall it slides in much easier.
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    I have a noisy M35A2.

    One of the Forum rules is "Do not post unfriendly or insulting comments or replies to other members." I'm surprised the moderators let it go this far. If you don't like a posting...ignore it. I have seen some postings which I thought were really unnecessary and guess what???? nobody answered...
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    Thank you to all the guys who suggested my problem may have been bad seals. It got me thinking and sure enough there are today better seals than what was designed for the M35 back in the 1960s. I installed what you might call a premium seal and the truck hasen't leaked a drop. I'm on the road...
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    SKF 49927 There is much information on it on the SKF web site. A standard Nitrile seal is good for a temp of 250 degrees, the seal temp will run 30 degrees hotter then the engine temp because of friction. If your deuce is running 200 on a hot day, you are pushing the seal close to the max. The...
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    I got rid of the flame heater 18 years ago. I have the truck torn down again. I suspect bad seal. I am replacling it with a seal GM used on their 10.4 liter turbo diesels. It will withstand higher internal pressures plus will withstalnd twice the heat of a standard nitrile seal.
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    been there. On the last seal job I changed the oil and left it 2 qts. low just in case. No differances. I'm starting to think improper oil seal. Talking with the SKF people. Let you know when I hear from them. Robert
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    Thanks guys for all the imput. I guess I'll just keep driving it untill the clutch starts slipping. Oil is cheap, its just the mess that bothers me.
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    I'm 83 and in no hurry to tear it down again but I will ck the crank end play if I do. I always ck the oil seal size because people do make mistakes. Rustystud, Cam plug was not leaking. Even if an oil passage plug was leaking, how could the oil get into the bell housing? This is not a tranny...
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    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    I bought my 1970 M35 in 2002 with 29000 on the speedo. In 2006 I replalced rear main oil seal at 36000 miles. In 2017 it went from leaking a few drops to a major leak in one day, I couldn't beleive it, when I stopped the engine it drained out of the bell housing vent in a stream, not drops. So...
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    Deuce brake shoes issues

    I had the same problem with a set of non military shoes. After a couple days of trying to figure what was wrong I simply welded a spacer on each shoe so it would make contact with the cam adjuster. It worked fine, I figured I just had a bad set of brake shoes.
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    Gear Hunt

    Thanks guys, I have found one. Boyce didn't have one so I called an old parts dealer in Florida, he didn't have one but he got on the phone and found me one. Its on the way.
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