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    Met a fellow SS-er today on a traffic stop

    I would not be happy if you pulled me over to "BS". Local PD, sheriff, state patrol and more have stopped me in my 718. Also, in my state, license plates only need to be 'available for inspection' and not mounted. So you can't run mine. I have been stopped three times in one day to "BS". Their...
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    So my 718 s#%t the bed in march. Someone in JSOC forgot to put the four bolts in the timing belt cog on the crank. Updates on the rebuild of the engine, turbo and insertion of an liquid/air intercooler are at The P90 Pinz has a 2.4l straight 6 turbo diesel made by VAG and used in...
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    Dude, you have the roll-over hoops reversed (front/back). In the rear you can see the rubber head guard and the seat belt attachment points. Perhaps you have two of the front ones? I couldn't quite tell from the photos. If you do, one will be worth something to the guy who got two rear hoops. H.
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    Pinzguaer 718

    I am in Denver and am finishing up rebuilding the engine in my 718. I bought it July 2012 from Expedition Imports. I absolutely love it, but the average guy should not buy a used vehicle from the Delta Force or JSOC. Anyone have a trailer that will fit behind it? 83" tall, 6' wide. Rebuild...
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