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  1. Mos68x

    CNC Mill

    I did take the 939 to a speedco once to get the oil changed, But all they could do was change the oil, which still cost $100. Just plain std oil, nothing synth about it. If I had the power requirements for a Bridgeport I would certainly buy one, but I’m of grid running of solar, and to set up 3...
  2. Mos68x

    CNC Mill

    Sadly, with as far out in the boonies as I live, there is no one near me that would have a Bridgeport. If I did they’d make a killin off me 😂 I’m just about to spend $600 on the cheap HF mini lathe just so I can get the hydraulic legs going again for the RV project.
  3. Mos68x

    CNC Mill

    Wow, I got on the website to look for information regarding GP small tents and found something else I needed. Since I’ve seen this, I’ve got a couple questions since any shops that are “local” to me are either not reliable, or won’t consider work that isn’t under a large contract. 1) Is anyone...
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