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  1. winfred

    tossing around a different idea for 12 volts, this been tried before?

    considering a deep cycle maybe a agm or gel battery and to charge it a simple one wire alternator running off a pinion flange or the jackshaft between the t-case and tranny, that would allow stationary charging if required, this obviously is not perfect but could be amusing and if running off...
  2. winfred

    scored a water buffalo at a city auction

    only looked at the pics on the site so hopefully its not a turd in person, should be under $700 by time all of the fees fall into place, they called it a 200 gallon diesel tank instead of a 400 gallon water tank but i figure for the price i cant get hurt too bad as it looks fairly unmolested, id...
  3. winfred

    preferred air pressure for 395s?

    just took my first trip around the block this evening and it rides nice but is a mother to steer, it seriously doesn't really wanna turn (thought i was going to smoke a street sign turning onto my street) but as road surfaces change it turns better on some, it returns to center ok. definitely...
  4. winfred

    air wiper valve not valving

    my old valve was crudded up and i broke it taking it apart so i scored a NOS valve and this thing won't pass a fart, both motors are new and work fine off a bicycle pump hooked to the base of the windshield hose and i changed all of the rubber lines, it turns out but only blows enough to bubble...
  5. winfred

    anybody have sprag transfer case engage on highway?

    went out for the first nice long run since i got it and after maybe 8-10 miles at 45-50 things got real interesting as the driveline started popping and unloading, got onto the shoulder then inspected things and found nothing leaking or dangling, could see a pair of light black front tire marks...
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