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  1. mckeeranger

    For those of you in California

    There is a proposed Bill in California to counteract Assembly Bill 32. See the attached PDF for more details. They are talking about classic cars, but I think MVs are just as vulnerable to AB-32.
  2. mckeeranger

    Spare tire for M107

    I sometimes pull the M107s with an M817, which means the truck's spare does not work. (M107 uses M35A2 wheels) I don't want to haul an extra spare in the truck bed, it's way to high to be convenient. Has anyone else tried to put an M35A2 spare carrier under an M107 or M105 type trailer? I...
  3. mckeeranger

    Nearby Fire Department

    I took a few pictures of a 5 ton at a rural fire department about 20 miles from here. It's been there over 10 years, but I've never stopped to look at it before. I wasn't smart enough to look at the dash plate to see what it was.
  4. mckeeranger

    Non-Skid finish on body parts

    Does any one else have a non-skid finish on some of the body parts? One of our M35A2s has what looks like roll-on, non-skid bed liner on the tops of the front fenders, the front bumper, and on the running boards. (see pic) I'm in the process of painting our M817 (not a restoration, just a coat...
  5. mckeeranger

    M107 Question

    Does anyone know what the bracket welded on the front of the M107 tank is for? I've looked through the TMs and searched the website and can't find anything but a picture of it. It's not important, I would just like to know.
  6. mckeeranger

    Just driving around

    Does anyone else just drive their MV around for no good reason? I was moving the M107s around today ( I'm going to touch up the paint ) and decided I should hook one up to the M35A2, "just to see if everything worked." I've never pulled anything with it so I wanted to see if the electrical and...
  7. mckeeranger

    XM817/NHC250 Valve adjustment

    I’m going to be replacing the injector seals and adjusting the valves in the XM817. It has the Cummins NHC250, normally aspirated. I have only found one other post about it, 8/5/2005, but there was no real information or pictures. If anyone is interested in seeing it, I'll post pictures. If I...
  8. mckeeranger

    New from KY

    Greetings from Kentucky. I've been reading posts on SS for quite some time and joined a little while ago. This would be my first post. I saw in another post where someone said "start with a 5-ton." I did just that. I have had a 1970 M817 wo/w for several years. Now I find myself with a 1966...
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