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  1. velociT

    M915 real world MPG and top cruising speed

    Hey guys... I searched but didn't really find an answer to either the real world MPG and top cruising speed of a M915. Also wondering if anyone has run/is running bigger tires and the result? Thanks! :grd:
  2. velociT

    Big thanks to Jeep-Jeep

    Thank you very much again for what you did. He went above and beyond and consequently is the MAN.
  3. velociT

    Another what is this thread...

    Pic below:
  4. velociT

    Quick Question about oil filter gasket

    Do I use the wide one or the skinny one?
  5. velociT

    HOA booted the Deuce

    Can any Central Texas members lend me a parking spot for a few months??? :-|
  6. velociT

    Oil filter change Q's

    Alright, don't laugh.... yes, this means you. Just got the filters in, I notice they have three gaskets in the box. I know where the oil drain plugs are, just have never worked with non-spin on filters before. I just need to know how the canisters come open, and how the gaskets and filter...
  7. velociT

    Big ups for Keith_J

    Keith went out of his way for someone (me) he'd never met before. Drove to another city, and then diagnosed a different condition than was expected and got the job done despite a lack of tools, room, and light. I meant it Keith, if I ever hit the lotto, you're gonna need a very large christmas...
  8. velociT

    Anyone else been here?

    Ok, just got the deuce and it needs a bit of brake work. Just found out my friend who was gonna help me fix it up just threw his back out and needed to have emergency surgery.... I'm still totally green (no pun intended) to these trucks, but he has worked on them before. I have limited tools...
  9. velociT

    My '87 WR Deuce

    Then took the bows off. From the maintenance records it looks like all it needs is rear brakes. Looking forward to changing the fluids, filters, and driving it with not a dead brake pedal. (PS, yes Central Texas members, I might need a bit of help) ;-)
  10. velociT

    Central Texas members, need help

    Would anyone be willing to come by and help me unload/check over my deuce arriving tonight or tomorrow morning? I am in North Austin (cedar park). Thanks in advance.
  11. velociT

    Deuce Pickup from Warner Robins

    Is there anyone in the WR, Georgia area that could get my deuce the heck off base for me. I've got the shipper lined up, just need someone that can either tow it or trailer it off base. Worst case it should be able to be driven, but will need the fuel tank drained and replaced with fresh D2...
  12. velociT

    Wet stacking after startup

    I figured like most diesels, the best thing once started would be to high-idle. I just wanna make sure I got this right, after seeing this label: Is it really ok to idle under 1k after startup?
  13. velociT

    Need Guidance to do the EUC right

    Ok guys, won my first G/L deuce yesterday. Just got the email, so now I need to know exactly what I need to send in. I thought the EUC was a form, but now I see it's a E-Form. I need to know what to send where and in what order (form, drivers license, etc_ I will also be having it...
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