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  1. Jbulach

    Western Canadian Rockwell, MRAP to Deuce adapter plates. Do I have a problem?

    I just received a couple of MRAP to 2-1/2 ton adapter plates from Western Canadian Rockwell and was a little surprised at the chamfer (or lack there of) in the lug holes. Do I have a problem? What say’s the horde?
  2. Jbulach

    How to adjust the temperature of a shutterstat M939A2

    I rebuilt my shutterstat and now my fan comes on at around 160. Does anyone have a rough idea of how many degrees you gain per turn/thread and what direction I need to go with the probe? If not I'll get out my hot pad and pot of water and start playing then report back. I think maybe...
  3. Jbulach

    M939a2 CTIS wheel valve not closing due to air restriction in hub.

    I have a slight air restriction in the left intermediate hub, somewhere between the wheel valve adapter, and hose fitting on the back side of the hub. This is causing the wheel valve to hang open and dump air until the tire pressure drops to around 55PSI, then it closes. Anyone have any...
  4. Jbulach

    Looking for pictures of broken M939 series transfer cases for reinforcement/strengthe

    I've seen a few pictures scattered around and I know it's been talked about before, looking for pictures to see if theres a typical break pattern that may be able to be reinforced, or to assess the difficulty of making a stronger case, especially when all the spares dry up. Also if you could...
  5. Jbulach

    M925 M925A2 dump bed hoist install

    So... I've promised several people I would get this done for some time now. It may take me a little while, but I'm going to get pictures up, of my install of an old Knapheide manufactured, Knaphoist, KH-2520L that I found on the web for $400. I also ended up buying an old 15' dump bed, but...
  6. Jbulach

    M925 winch control tower repair

    Thought I would post some pictures for my fix of the bent up and broken bracket inside my tower on my M925A2.You can see the previous repair of bolting the brackets back to the side after the spot welds broke loose.A picture of the inside, I straightened the brackets out best I could shortly...
  7. Jbulach

    M925A2 snow plow install

    I sold my old pickup truck and snow plow, now winter is here so... I'm finally going to get the 11'x42" Gledhill plow that I found on the Web mounted of my M925. I'm going to try and keep the plow as close to the truck as possible, but will interfere with my bumper end when angled, so I'm...
  8. Jbulach

    Need M929a2 hauled from Detroit to Cincinnati

    Looking for a quote on moving a m929a2 dump truck from Utica, MI to Sunman, IN, 47041 in the next week or two. Truck starts and runs but may be developing fuel issues (per owner power output is down). Per TM weighs 24000 LB; 124.5" tall; 96" wide; 275" long. I'm new to the forum, hope I'm doing...
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