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  1. Peepaw

    Glad to be here.

    Welcome to yah.
  2. Peepaw

    How to get a 2.5 home?

    Do like I did and find a good one for sale close to home from a private seller. Then just drive it home.
  3. Peepaw

    Is it just me?

    Now I don't feel so bad about my spelling.:mrgreen:
  4. Peepaw

    Can we create a salvage yard reference guide, or something similar?

    There's a edit tab at the top of the article that NDT started, just click on it.
  5. Peepaw

    I found out my deuces’ name is Bert

    I've seen Bert before.:smile:
  6. Peepaw

    Draining oil from Deuce

    Are you sure you are checking it correctly? Don't check it cold. Warm the engine up fully and check it within a minute after you shut it down. Checked cold it will always show way over full if it has enough oil in it. The stock oil filter system drains back into the pan when it sits.
  7. Peepaw

    What happens when you mix an M-818 with ideas peppered with too much testosterone?

    Gives a whole new meaning to GO BIG OR GO HOME.:-D Looks like a blast to turn.
  8. Peepaw

    Can we create a salvage yard reference guide, or something similar?

    NDT, I like the way you got it started, but why in the Wiki section? After all THIS is the salvage yard info section. Is there something I'm missing? I think Lonesomes original idea as a sticky in this section would get a lot more attention.
  9. Peepaw

    the end is comming

    Teaze Looks good.
  10. Peepaw

    Parts vendors

    So far I've only ordered from Erik's. Good quick service.
  11. Peepaw

    Where does your deuce live?

    In the yard, it's art.:mrgreen:
  12. Peepaw

    My Deuce

    Deuce Holliday came over and brought his Deuce over to visit mine. Seeing as how DH probably will never post pics of his Deuce I will.
  13. Peepaw

    Warner Robbins Ga. A2C's

    That's a bummer. Me and some friends went out and looked some over the other week out there. No security what so ever. Good thing I'm not a thief.
  14. Peepaw

    Winter warm up

    Same here, we took two Deuce's for about a 15 mile trip around town just before dark today. Outside temp was about 79° and the truck ran just a tic over 160°.
  15. Peepaw

    Let The Restoration Begin

    That is looking soooooooo nice.
  16. Peepaw

    Winter warm up

    Compared to mine it sounds about right.
  17. Peepaw

    Wreckerman's M915 update

    If it makes you feel any better, you won't have to have but one fuel sticker if you have to go commercial. Since IFTA took effect you only have a sticker from your home state with the letters IFTA on it(One on each side of the cab). The actual apportioned papers that you have in the cab is all...
  18. Peepaw

    What do you to cap your Deuce exhaust stack with?

    We've got an infestation over here also, I think they must be spreading. :shock:
  19. Peepaw

    Holy cow I won one!

    Congrats on the truck and the trailer. I'm jealous over the ammo trailer.:-P
  20. Peepaw

    Blown Engine M35a2c

    Sounds about right to me.
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