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  1. jimmcld

    Fuel "system" sticking

    My 816 sat for a couple of months before I tried to start it. When I did try, it would try to start but not quite run. I finally found that the throttle was sticking and not opening with the foot pedal. After I freed up the throttle shaft, it started right up and ran fine. A month later, no...
  2. jimmcld

    Slow throttle response on 816

    I have had slow throttle response for years. Then, a few weeks ago, it would only idle at start-up and in a few seconds it died and would not restart. To make a long story short, it turned out to be the throttle. The linkage was working perfectly but the shaft is turned by a clock spring. It...
  3. jimmcld

    816 air conditioner

    I've searched everywhere I can think and have not found where anyone has put an air conditioner into an 800 series 5 ton. Has anyone done this?
  4. jimmcld

    Steering knuckle greese

    I just pulled the spindles off of our M37 to replace the inner greese seals. One of the steering knuckles was packed with greese while the other just had a little gear oil in it. Shouldn't these be oiled from the differential?
  5. jimmcld

    Filter elements

    How do I find out what these filter elements fit? I have a bunch of filters numbered: NSN 4330-01-182-9043 PN 5705422
  6. jimmcld

    Lower radiator hose

    All the search functions seem to be down. Does anyone know off the top of their head what the NAPA number is for the deuce lower radiator hose?
  7. jimmcld

    Caterpillar 3116 engine

    Did anyone see the Cat 3116 engine on eBay? Obviously for a M35A3, new in the crate!
  8. jimmcld

    5 ton rear hub removal

    Has anyone ever tried using a motorcycle jack to remove the rear hub on a 5 ton? You cannot leave the tire on the hub when you are running singles on the rear, so the tire must come off first, and then the hub. Working alone, I had to figure a way to remove the hub without destroying the axle...
  9. jimmcld

    M816 on ice?

    Has anyone ever driven a M816 on Ice? I am wondering how it would behave. I think it would have enough traction to go, but how would it stop?
  10. jimmcld

    Steering Lash

    Just adjusted the steering lash on my M816. Made a world of difference. I had about four inches of play before, but now there is no noticeable play in the wheel at all. I just drove it on a rode that roles back and forth. This road gave me a hard time before. Now it's no problem.
  11. jimmcld

    U-Joint failure

    I just took a little ride around town to make sure everything was working on my M816. I stopped at a stop sign and when I started to ease off again, I heard a loud metalic snap and some clanging. On top of that, the truck didn't move. Oh s--t! Got out of the truck and looked down on the...
  12. jimmcld

    MRS 1952 heavy haul

    I had an older gentleman come by yesterday and wanted to know if I could find a picture of a MRS, like the one he drove in France. Well, I had never heard of a MRS and certainly did not have a picture of one. However, I discovered that MRS stands for Mississippi Road Supply and that they...
  13. jimmcld

    diesel/gas mix in a deuce

    If someone offered you a deal on some contaminated unleaded gas (comtaminated with diesel fuel) would it be worth it to burn in a deuce?
  14. jimmcld

    Did I just break something?

    I had pulled the 816 into the garage, nose first. When I started to back it out, I did not wait for the air pressure to build up before backing. There was a slight resistance, so I let out on the clutch a bit more. Thats when I heard a "ping" right before it started to roll backwards. Did I...
  15. jimmcld

    Baby got a new pair of shoes!

    I put my new tires and wheels on my M816 over the weekend. I just wanted to show off my 16.00x20's. Hope you like.
  16. jimmcld

    Motor pool

    Just had a picture, taken at the local car show, showing some of our motor pool. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 920
  17. jimmcld

    Mobile Tower Trailer

    I purchased a mobile tower trailer a few weeks ago. The tower had been removed but all the hydraulics and electric motors for the cable reels were still on it. It's all aluminum, has air over hydraulic brakes and the bed is 8'x19'. I put a wood deck on it and purchased some aluminum ramps...
  18. jimmcld

    Primer pump guage

    I found an old post that talked about the primer guage and if pressure should show when the engine is running, but they never came up with a definative answer. Does anyone know if this guage should show pressure when the engine is running? Should the supply line going to the primming pump have...
  19. jimmcld

    Fuel pump air cylinder

    Does anyone know what the fuel pump air cylinder does on the NHC250? I've read how to adjust it, but I don't know what it does. Also, the adjustment procedure says to start the truck and wait until the air pressure builds up, then, open the throttle wide open and adjust the cylinder...
  20. jimmcld

    M1061A1 brake chamber

    Can anyone give me a part number, or a supplier, for a M1061A1 brake air chamber? When I picked up my trailer, one of the air chambers was missing. I can't find a number and the local truck parts dealer hasn't been able to match it with anything. I'm also missing a spare tire and wheel...
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