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  1. velociT

    deuce races in LeMons???

    Hahahaha Awesome! Now if someone drift races one in Formula D I'll have seen it all.
  2. velociT

    F-35, first catapult launch

    Agreed Wreckerman. They can start to solve this financial crisis by selling me an F-35.
  3. velociT

    No GL Shipper Listed for Wisconsin???

    Bears repeating. Shippers are getting fewer and fewer. The one I have used in the past won't even pick up from GL anymore... Too much delays and BS.
  4. velociT

    I just "won" a Deuce in Jacksonville

    Something about winch trucks makes people go coo coo for cocoa puffs.
  5. velociT

    BlizzardX23's Deuce STOLEN and RECOVERED

    I applaud your restraint. Of course TX and CA laws are different, but had I stumbled onto the same thing, I'd likely need a new hard-top cab.
  6. velociT

    Today's M109A3 recovery

    I saw those camper/shower 109's. Definitely jealous. Glad SS members got a few.
  7. velociT

    powerstroke in a Deuce

    All this talk of a 6bt is provoking my envy...
  8. velociT

    New M915A5's

    Do want. Just for shiggles, what do you think these would go for if surplussed online?
  9. velociT

    M35A3 and Dexron III

    rofl I'm seriously cracking up over here.
  10. velociT

    New from Texas

    Welcome fellow Texan. There are several A2 vs. A3 threads to read and draw conclusions from. Either way, you'll wish you bought one sooner. :grd:
  11. velociT

    First time Deuce Owner

    Once you get it home, change the oil, and change the 15w40 oil out of the tranny to the approved Allison fluid. With proper fluids the 3116 and Allison should last a long time. Enjoy your 109A4, they are rare.
  12. velociT

    6TL batteries cheap!

    McChain store or local-only place?
  13. velociT

    So easy a girl can do it....driver training results.

    Seriously. Kids these days worry me.
  14. velociT

    Air pack questions and rebuild?

    Mine is unfortunately doing this too. :(
  15. velociT

    Deuce Vs Russian Counterpart

    I'm guessing he was ordered to lie about the truck he was driving, too.
  16. velociT

    Definition of "multi-fuel"

    His first design ran off coal dust.
  17. velociT

    M109 Mobile Man Cave Begins

    Agree. In the old days, if you did the job wrong, you didn't get paid. I see no problem with that method.
  18. velociT

    2 1/2 vs 5 Ton in the Sand??

    Were you driving on dry Lake Travis lakebed? I almost had to pull out a half ton that buried himself in dry Lake Travis sand. His buddy yanked him out with a 4x4 Ranger though, I was surprised.
  19. velociT

    Bad day in Oshkosh

    He wasn't even close to making that...
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