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  1. Marcel

    HET M1070 Stuck

    Wallowing Beast. HET M1070 Stuck - YouTube
  2. Marcel

    Worlds Smallest V12

    I know that it is not MV related but I thought that you would find it interesting none the less. El motor V-12 más pequeño del mundo.(Smallest V-12 engine of the world) - YouTube
  3. Marcel

    Classified Thumb

    I am unable to maximize image thumbs in the classified section but am able to maximize picture thumbs in forum threads. I have tried single left mouse click and double mouse click in the classified section but neither works. Can you help me?
  4. Marcel

    Boneyard Video

    I saw this great video about Anniston Army Depot. Really a must see. Sorry guys. It didn't give me a problem when I uploaded it and there was no Trojan when I watched it. I removed the link.
  5. Marcel

    Show me your tipper

    I want to see pictures of your tippers on the job.
  6. Marcel

    Steel or stainless brake lines

    I have an M51A2 dump and I would like to know if anyone sells pre-made steel or stainless steel brake lines for this vehicle? Mine are so rotted that the left rear came out in five pieces and so reproducing the same bends are impossible. Looking to replace all.
  7. Marcel

    Hubsteps for Deuces

    Someone is selling hub steps for deuces in the classifieds. Do they serve a function or are they only for show?
  8. Marcel

    17 Deg F. Startup

    I own a 5 ton multifuel dump whistler with an LDS engine. It has been sitting in my back yard for about 2 months without me starting it. Today the temperature is 17 Degrees F. and I wanted to see if it would start up in the cold. I began by engaging the manifold heater for about one minute and...
  9. Marcel

    Muffler for 5-ton

    I just bought a new stainless steel exhaust system for my M51A2 Whistler. Before I mount it I would like to get an ultra quiet stainless steel muffler that fits behind the muffler guard. Any suggestions?
  10. Marcel

    Rustproofing my MV

    I'm searching for the best rustproofing product available for the underside of my M51A2. I just bought two NOS doors and want to rustproof the inside of the doors before installing the glass riser mechanism as well. I was reading about a product called Rustbullet and the ad looked impressive...
  11. Marcel

    18 Inch Steering Wheel

    Looking for an 18 Inch steering wheel for my M51A2. Preferably NOS.
  12. Marcel

    18 Inch Steering Wheel

    Looking for an 800 series steering wheel to fit in my M51A2. The wheel should measure 18" OD. Preferably NOS.
  13. Marcel

    M51A2 vs. Big gut

    I have an M51A2 and am having trouble driving it. I'm a big guy and when I drive it the steering wheel presses into my gut and makes it very uncomfortable. Has anyone done any steering wheel modifications to eliminate this problem? I've spent many hours getting this gut and it would be ashamed...
  14. Marcel

    Looking for NOS plastic battery box

    I'm looking for a plastic battery box to fit in my M51A2 dump. This battery box holds 2 military grade batteries and slides under and to the rear of the passenger door. Bought one from Randy Emr.
  15. Marcel


    Can anyone tell what bobbing actually means? Where did the word come from? I think it has to do with adding larger tires and wheels and going from duallys to singles on the rear. Are you shortening the vehicles as well. This probably sounds like a stupid question to you guys but I've only owned...
  16. Marcel

    Battery Box

    I have an M51A2 and am looking for a battery box. The bottom of mine is completely rotted. Are there plastic replacements and if so where do I get one? If I can't get one I will have to fabricate one out of stainless steel I guess.
  17. Marcel

    M 817 Manuals

    I just bought an M817 Whistler and am looking for repair manuals in order to perform repairs and perform proper maintenance. Can anybody help me ?
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