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  1. ckid

    Air buzzer mystery

    OK, I've searched this forum and can't find any similar problem listed, so here goes... Start the truck, air buzzer sounds normal. Buzzer cuts off right at 60 psi as it should. Then at 90 psi, it cuts back on for a minute or two before turning off again. Once it cuts off the second time, it...
  2. ckid

    Deuce front bed mount bolts/springs, how tight?

    I'm mounting the bed back on the deuce. I found torque specs for the hard mount bed bolts on a chart here in the forums, but didn't find any info for the front bolts with the springs. When I took them off, I measured the springs and they were compressed to about 6 inches in length. Does anyone...
  3. ckid

    Deuce short air pack vent line question

    OK, I've searched the forums and haven't found this answer. If I've missed it, point me in the right direction. If not, here goes... I've never crawled under a Deuce except for mine, so I'm not sure what the proper vent line from the air pack looks like or where it runs. I'm assuming the line...
  4. ckid

    Where to find this brake fitting?

    I just rebuilt my master cylinder and airpack. Apparently I've lost the fitting that screws into the rear of the master cylinder to attach the brake line (not the flare nut, but the fitting the flare nut screws into). I have the nsn: 4730-00-591-5134. Problem is I can't find anything that...
  5. ckid

    Deuce soft top part number

    I have a canvas top marked with PN 123000649. When I look up that number on Google I see a lot of listings saying it fits an m35 & 5 ton so my assumption was they meant 800 series 5 ton and deuce. But when I put the top on my deuce frame, it's about 4-5 inches wider than the frame. It sags...
  6. ckid

    Converting back to soft top– questions.

    Deuce had a hard top on it when we got it and we're converting back to a soft top. Two problems. First off, someone has cut the c-channel off the windshield frame. I'm assuming there aren't really replacement pieces without replacing the entire outer frame since it looks like it's one piece. My...
  7. ckid

    Replacing rubber boots on instrument gauges

    I've searched the surplus sites, and tried searching here and google with no luck. I'm replacing the wiring harness in the deuce. When unplugging the dash gauges, I found most of the rubber boots on the back are dry rotted and crumbling away. The gauges themselves are good, so I don't really...
  8. ckid

    Am I gonna tear this apart?

    I've read, and read, and read... and maybe I missed the answer to this question. If so, I'm happy to read more if you point me in the right direction. But I figured it anyone knew the answer, it would be here. The question is... I'm building a custom camper on an M35A2 (the one in my profile...
  9. ckid

    Is there a difference in canvas cab covers?

    Hi all, I'm not positive of the answer to this, so thought I'd ask it here. Do all Deuce canvas cab frames have center support bows, or was there an older version without them? If there are two versions of the frame, is there any difference in the canvas for the different types. Thanks for any...
  10. ckid

    Finding the "good" wheel cylinder kits...

    Does anyone make the "good" wheel cylinder rebuild kits for the Deuce anymore? The ones with the cup expander springs? Even on the surplus sites, all I see are the straight springs. Did a search for UP45 through NAPA and it comes up with nothing. What about the whole cylinders on the surplus...
  11. ckid

    Windshield Channel for Soft Top

    I'm looking to convert my deuce to a soft top from the current hard top. One problem though... Looks like someone has removed the windshield channel in the past– the one the plastic strip slides into. Can't find a replacement one anywhere so far. I do have some crafty folks in my arsenal that...
  12. ckid

    Correct TM for this alternator?

    I downloaded TM9-2920-225-34 for troubleshooting the generator assembly on my deuce. Mine is AMA-5108UT, and the TM only covers the 5102. Is there another TM for the 5108, or is troubleshooting the same for both models?
  13. ckid

    Third day is a charm

    So the trip back to NC from Jacksonville FL had some bumps, but all's well that ends well. After a couple of jumps from our Chevy, a couple of hotfuelings, and rebuilding a brake line in the parking lot of a gas station in BFE Georgia (no offense to you GA folks), we finally got her home on...
  14. ckid

    RESOLVED No longer Stranded... anyone in the Macon or Augusta GA area?

    Stranded in Warthen, GA (about halfway between Macon and Augusta) taking our deuce home after pickup. Went to head out this morning and brake pedal went to the floor. Think we found the leak. Sitting in a gas station parking lot. Have tools, but curious if anyone is in the area and willing to...
  15. ckid

    Quick hello

    Just wanted to throw out a quick hello. Been reading this forum as a non-member for a long time. Every time I search anything on military vehicles, I end up on this site almost exclusively. The wealth of knowledge is astounding, so thanks to everyone who adds to that. Just picked up my first...
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