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  1. diverman555

    Lost in the bush

    I was talking to Mike the other day from Lost in the Bush, and would like to give him a big thumbs up. Mike asked me if I was the one doing things for our Vet's. I said yes and that we were looking for a hundred acres, that we wanted to build 20 cabins and a large office building with several...
  2. diverman555

    Changing a tire on a 5 ton

    Friday I was pulling into my driveway and stopped, when I heard a loud hissing sound. I was the air leaving my left front tire in a hurry. I got the truck in a good spot and stopped. I jumped out of the truck and saw a split 6" long on the inside of the tire. I got my tire tools out and was...
  3. diverman555

    great place for my butt

    I stopped by a Truck shop I get fluids from for the M923 and was talking with the girl that runs the place. I asked if there were any truck Salvage yards around and she said yes about 2 miles away. I told her I wanted to see if they had any air seats for my truck. She paused for a second and...
  4. diverman555

    M923 middle axle seal leaking

    I have a 1985, M923. The middle axle drivers side started leaking yesterday. I went through the TM's looked up rear end, axles, differential, seals and can't find a break down of how to replace the seal or how the bearings and gaskets are located. I can't even find the parts # for the seal. Can...
  5. diverman555

    Military Guns

    Is their anywhere on our site we are allowed to talk about military weapons or are they all Taboo?
  6. diverman555

    Building a new Website

    Hello everyone, My wife and I are doing a 501(C)3 non profit. Sense I have not a clue on how to build a WEB SITE I thought I would ask for help from our great guys on here. (Basics) My wife and I are going to purchase about 80 to 100 Acres here in southern Michigan. (Goal) My wife and I have...
  7. diverman555

    Changing M923 to a M923A1

    Are there many concerns, or is all you basicly have to do is change the 1100x20 tires to the 1400x20 tires and rims. I know you have to flip the rear rims so the inside is facing outside. I know to complete it right, you would have to slide the bed back 3" and change the spare tire holder. But...
  8. diverman555

    Tires and snow

    I have a M923 and a M923A1. They have as you know different tires on them. I have Michellin 1400x20's on the M923A1 and Goodyear 1100x20 on the M923. Which one of these do you think will be better in the snow? Even snow up to 18" deep. I will be keeping both charged and will start them...
  9. diverman555

    cargo rails

    Does anyone know what the length of the side rails for the cargo cover bows are for the M 923. The rails that connect to the corners are 45 IN" When I slide the side rails in they are different heights like there is something in the holes to raise them, but I can't see anything. There is 14"...
  10. diverman555


    Several of the rubber moldings around the doors at the windows are coming off. I was wondering if anyone knew what the best glue was to reglue the rubber to the door frame. Thanks
  11. diverman555

    Front cover

    Is there a easy way to make a winter front rad intake cover for driving this winter?
  12. diverman555

    I have searched every where Air leak

    The new M923 has a secondary system air leak. When I shut the truck down, both primary and secondary gauges will be on 120 lbs. After about 5 minutes the secondary system will start venting air, and it sounds like it is coming from the front of the engine. I have on several times opened the hood...
  13. diverman555

    M923 trans shifting early

    When I put the trans in high gear it will run up to 2050 RPM and shift into 2nd, the it runs up to about 1950 and shifts into 3rd, then it runs up to about 1600 RPM and shifts to 4th the same with 5th, so in those 2 gears it really lug and is slow until the RPM get up to about 2000. any one know...
  14. diverman555

    M923 Trans question

    I was told today by a friend who is a Staff SGT. in the reserves and works full time repairing these trucks, that if you have the truck in low gear NOT to put the truck in reverse or the trans will litteraly explode from the pressure. He said just putting it in reverse with it in low gear will...
  15. diverman555

    What is better (oil or trans fluid)

    What do you guys think is better, the TM show that the military uses oil in the allison trans but Allison says you can use regular trans fluid. What do you think is better. My new truck came with the trans full of new oil and I was thinking about changing it to Trans fluid but then you have the...
  16. diverman555

    What a Deal, my new M923

    Just got my new M923. Picked her up in Columbus, OH. This truck was a great buy. It did not have the normal Reman plate on the dash but it looked new so I took a chance and did I win a great truck. There was a reman plate inside the door. Rebuilt in 8/08 and has 1475 miles on it since rebuild...
  17. diverman555

    M923a1 alternator voltage gauge readings

    I put a rebuilt alternator on my M923A1 it did not have one. On the bench the alt read 24.3 volts, put it in the truck and looked at the gauge and it showed in the yellow about the middle. Well knowing what the alt was on the bench I just ran it in the truck for a few weeks. Truck ran fine...
  18. diverman555

    Bull ride question

    Most of the time my M923A1 rides smooth on the freeways but on certain stretches of the freeway it gives you a bull ride effect. Bouncing from front to back, front to back bouncing. Could this be just the freeway in that area, or could the shocks be going bad? Like I had said it only does it in...
  19. diverman555

    what rubber is in the fuel pump

    I have been looking into bio fuel, and the manufacturer of the equipment told me to make sure what the o-rings and seals in the fuel system are made of. He said that if they were made of natural rubber they would break down over time and start leaking. He said to make sure they were made of...
  20. diverman555

    Spring brake overide

    I am confused here. I have a M923A1, when I pull out the button on the dash for the spring brake, it sets the brakes and the truck will not move. When I start the truck and after the air builds up to pressure, I push in the button to start driving. When I push in the button the spring brake...
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