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  1. BadMastard

    MEP 802a ran out of fuel, is hard starting now, running on 1 cylinder?

    Hello everyone, been off the board for a while. Now I'm enjoying my a3 with one less axle and a dump bed! Yay. But that's not why I'm posting. I have a MEP 802a that had very low hours. I lent it to my neighbor for their emergency and they ran 180 hours on it. Then, they forgot to put...
  2. BadMastard

    Employment Opportunity: Microsoft Systems Engineers

    Hi all. Been a while for me since posting, but I thought I'd put this out to the PNW group. I work at a company I love, as the senior network engineer. The systems engineers I work with are a bit short handed and we need TWO of them. If you're good with the Microsoft stack, good with...
  3. BadMastard

    Santa's New Ride Ready.

    After having difficulty accessing several military bases, Santa's elves went to work on his new ride. There will be no trouble now, nor with any bad children. Merry Christmas!
  4. BadMastard

    Fuel pump has gone and left me.

    It appears to have run off and joined the circus. Looks like the connector or the motor is dead, as it's been heavily abused and stuck on there with swedging. Anyone know where I can get another one, as we miss it and hope it comes home soon.
  5. BadMastard

    It's a m309!

    Well, if you add m200 and m109 together, which is what this is. Back story- we bought and used a m109a3 to move our gear to Seattle from SLC. Of course, there were many other reasons to buy one, mostly because we really wanted one. What a great excuse moving was. After moving we started...
  6. BadMastard

    New ticking noise- 1970 m109a3

    There is a small noise coming from the top of my engine - ldt 465. If it was a gas engine I'd swear it was a exhaust leak. not apparent at start up, picks up a little volume when warm, and on a hot restart slightly louder without oil pressure. I searched the TM's, but didn't find anything...
  7. BadMastard

    M35A3 tire changing to 395/85/20 part 1

    Ok, not so much a question, as a new thread about changing tires and my lovely experience with them. First off, bought 8 395's out of texarcana mounted on 10 lug hemmt wheels. The goal is to have these tires on my m35a3 for two reasons. One, improve top speed about 5 mph. It will make...
  8. BadMastard

    M35a3 down near Boise- need serpentine belt part number/key for alternator

    Sound familiar? Yes, it's me again, and I lost my serpentine belt. Trying to find equivalent auto parts belt if possible. Internet sketchy, please call me if you have an answer at 801 721 4791. Also lost nut on alternator, and key. If you can provide size and threading, that would be awesome!.
  9. BadMastard

    How to UN bypass the heater in m35a3

    Do you know how I could tell my truck was from california? It had a beautiful hunter 30,000 btu heater that was disconnected. Now that the truck is moving to Seattle, where heaters and very importantly defrosters are a must, I find I must reconnect the heater. I can re run heater hose to...
  10. BadMastard

    Search feature errors?

    If I do a search for my name "BadMastard" it will show a number of threads, including ones I have started or contributed to. It does NOT show all of them, only searching for key words on those threads will reveal them. So if I search for Wrangler, I see a thread I started, but not when I...
  11. BadMastard

    M35a3c bed dimensions- front and side panels

    I'm looking to find out the front and side panel height's on the drop side bed of the M35a3c. I've found most everything else, but I'm afraid this might take someone with a tape measure going out to their truck. Or if you know the manual that contains it, I'll look it up. After going...
  12. BadMastard

    Towing a Wrangler with a deuce- Brackets?

    Ok, a new thread. I've got a wrangler 2008 with a set of tow hooks in the front, on top of the bumper. What I want is to be able to tow the wrangler with the Deuce, using a lunette type tow bar, preferably military. The problem I'm having is that no one makes tow bar attach points for the...
  13. BadMastard

    Taking a m109a3 to Seattle from SLC.

    Not a lot of room in the 109 since it's our moving truck, but can tow something perhaps. Leaving the 9th, truck stays in Seattle, arriving approx 11th.
  14. BadMastard

    My first MV- m109a3

    Thanks to some great advice and information from the site here, I have acquired a M109A3. I'm also going to give a big thank you to Mark Boyce out in Ogden where I picked it up from, took very good care of me and answered my 5000 newbie questions and it only cost me a case of beer. I'll miss...
  15. BadMastard

    Looking to find out transport costs?

    Looking into buying a m816 and trying to find out what it's going to cost me to transport it. Might be 300 miles, might be 1600. And if buying from a GL auction, what can I expect to be able to get it home? Thanks all! BadMastard
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