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  1. GoHot229

    Going south from Va. to Nc.

    I'v got two Ramcharger fenders I need picked up in Va. and brought with, down to south central Nc. or someone going on through to Florida or Georgia. I can throw some gas/deisel funds your way for the help. It'll take up a small space as they are just Dodge Ramcharger pu size fenders, there are...
  2. GoHot229

    Electric fan for the Deuce

    Give this a shot, it's 1 5/8's thick, so we all know that there's barely 2"'s in the Deuce engine compartment. It's tight, but doo'able When the site comes up, hit 'products, then sidewinder.
  3. GoHot229

    Securing and locking the doors

    Here's just another clean looking way to secure the Deuce (or?) doors. It comes from Tractor Supply for around $10.00
  4. GoHot229

    Deuce ....NC. to KS. or close to KS.

    Deuce towed NC. To KS. with a towbar, tagged and liscensed Deuce to go from close to Charolette to central Kansas. Will pay fuel for trip. Deuce is empty, just a small box of what-nots under the pass. seat 10"x10", otherwise empty, good alignment on front axle.
  5. GoHot229

    Deuce...LOST my BRAKES newb warning.

    Well it was time to take the trash bags to the dump sub-station. I was just about there and the low-air warning buzzer went off. Instant puzzelment....... so I try the brakes and holy moley, it would take a Gorrilla to mash them enough to stop this beast. Luckily this road is little frequented...
  6. GoHot229

    Deuce bearing source

    I ran some searches and found that Memphis Equiptment carries them acording to a member, though somewhat spendy for the complete thing, rods and mains both. Along the way, recently on an unrelated thread/post, someone here mentioned while refering to the multifuel that it (motor) was nothing...
  7. GoHot229

    Blown multifuel motors

    With the recent number of multifuels that have cut loose lately, I thought those who experianced a grenaded engine could post when and the extent and the theory of what might have been the culprit. So if you could list the type/manufacturer of motor. What aparently blew. The date (aprox). How...
  8. GoHot229

    Deuce Jackshaft

    Has anyone got a picture of the Deuce jackshaft handy, from a resto or something or frame-off that they could post here. And I understand to tighten the bolts on one, it's advisable to pull the tunnel? and folding seat. Are the bolts that come stock good or would you advise something different...
  9. GoHot229

    Winter Fronts instalation

    You must be wondering "where do the clips go" Well recently a SS forum member 'Clinton' scored a 'grip' ( thats young kid talk ) ( and means alot ) and theres no instructions ! ? ? Well heres what you will need: a drill of course, a two-pac of drill bits a sharpie to mark with and philips...
  10. GoHot229

    Deuce wipers

    I'v got the electric wipers, and I believe they were a military retro-fit when it was still active duty. Everything works great ........except.....the sweep on the driver side is so minimal that its almost useless, mabe 6-7 inches at the bottom, where-as the passenger side's sweep is at least...
  11. GoHot229

    Georgia to North Carolina weekly

    My brother , A comand Seargent Major, drives weekly from Ft. Benning to Wadesbourough and Charolette. He has an inclosed trailer with tie rails inside and carpeting. He can accomidate aprox 18 x 7 foot articles as tall as 6.5-7.0 feet tall. It is however confined to weekends only. 831-521-1275...
  12. GoHot229

    Winching under & to the rear

    I didn't see anything in search that covered it, but I'v been wondering about if it is advisable or safe to run the cable down, then under the axles and back some distance so that you could pull yourself back out from some pickle you drove into, inother words pull backwards, and iff you can...
  13. GoHot229

    Winter fronts lens cleaning

    How are you guys caring for and keeping the headlight glass/plexiglass lenses looking transparent
  14. GoHot229

    Deuce throtle cable servicing

    Yea it was at Saturn, the page with the green ovals, under 'cables' and from there about third from the bottom With the throtle cable and the engine past the oil-up stage, 15-20 seconds to get the oil flowing from empty can mode, Many of us throtle up just a scoush to that point where our engine...
  15. GoHot229

    Tale tale signs of bearing failure

    For those of you with alot of experiance of running Deuces or multifuels, what are warning signs that you have experianced before you loose a rod or main or forbid....a connecting rod. Did it start getting slugish, noisy, low oil pressure at the guage or anything that warned you that problems...
  16. GoHot229

    Removing CARC dangers and disposal

    It's been mentioned here how CARC contains silicas and a host of bad ingredients, and that a resperator and long clothing should be used when sanding. A member 'Jones' posted a TM ? I believe about the subject, but it was unloadablt, a shame, so my question is this: when sanding in the open, is...
  17. GoHot229

    HEMTT adapter plates & cost

    What are you willing to pay for these adapter plates to use HEMTT wheels on your deuce ??? If they were $150 each, how many of you would buy ?? If they were $$90-100, how many of you would buy ?? If they were $ 75 how " " " " buy ?? Nows the time to tell A Tankers Dad...
  18. GoHot229

    Military miniatures, and Stealth

    On a site "English-Russia" I came across a couple of interesting pictures. These Tanks are carved from Gold, quite detailed, also the newest Russian version of our own stealth Bomber, I think they got us on the 'LOOKS' catagory, and then the everyday nusances that just keep cropping up, if it...
  19. GoHot229

    Batteries, didn't want to do that

    Well, I'm setting at home enjoying the day, my Daughter calls me, She's with friends, and asks me if I can pull her friend out of the pond, him having a Chevy 4x4 with 44's and lift etc. I say Ok, and we go there to Get'er Done. The main point here is that I had a ground cable on the batteries...
  20. GoHot229

    dash mounted flasher light

    Have any of you members found a good looking and functioning light to use in conjunction with the flasher, mounted on a more "in your face" location so's that you dont just blither along with your flashers'a blinking for the last fiew blocks or miles? I have often enough made my turn and in...
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