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  1. krick3tt

    Am I in the right place to find Halflinger folks?

    You may also find some info here. German Pinzgauer site, you will need a translated version to English.
  2. krick3tt

    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    I've had my M710 for about 7 years now. A 73 so it's 40 years old. Yes it's a bit noisy, thirsty, (just rebuilt the carbs, there are 2) Non-stocks seats from a 93 Honda (very comfortable) installed a winch and bumper from EI (Expedition Imports out of Napa, CA) Some parts are expensive, but not...
  3. krick3tt

    Best US trailer for Pinz?

    best trailer for pinz I second the M416. I had a M416A and it was perfect for my 710M pinz. I had a roof top tent installed and it towed great. Somewhat difficult to back up as it can't be seen behind the pinz but, going forward was a snap. I had a 3/4 tonne Swiss trailer but loaded it was a...
  4. krick3tt

    Pinzgauers for sale somewhere ???

    Wow, only $6500 or was that when you decided that it was too much? Unless they are already US stuff you are going to have to wait 25 years. I don't think these are US stuff. I paid lots more for my '73 pinz and I sure like the old thing.
  5. krick3tt

    Pinz's in the Pacific NW

    Pinzgauers in the PNW Wow...I can't believe the price that guy wants for his pinz. Oh, and by the way they are not that rare. Maybe there are a few less K's than M's but they are both the same vehicle except for the top. Check this site for some availability Swiss Army Vehicles - Vehicles A...
  6. krick3tt

    Any pinz owners in North Dakota area?

    looking for a pinz Shaggy, Don't know how your search for a pinz is going or if you are still interested in one, but if you are traveling this summer the local pinz club...Rocky Mountain Pinzgauers is having their Treffen (gathering) in Ouray, Colorado in July. You will see lots of the pinzies...
  7. krick3tt

    Denver 2010 St Patty's Day parade

    I'll be there with a group of Pinzgauers from Rocky Mountain Pinzgauers. Should be a grand event.
  8. krick3tt

    2010 Kansas Steel Soldiers rally

    Would like to come. I am in Denver, are Pinzgauers welcome? Morris
  9. krick3tt


    It's not a pinz's a hummer with a pinz body. PIctures?
  10. krick3tt

    Sad, sad day. My Pinz is leaving me.

    Yeah, I felt like that when I sold the 404. Worked on it for years to get her exactly like I wanted.... but then got a pinz. Still feel the 404 bug but there is another OD MV out there for you. Take heart. Morris
  11. krick3tt

    M416 rims

    I have two M416 rims that are sandblasted, primed and painted gloss black. They do not fit my Mighty Mite trailer. $50 for the pair plus shipping. Pick up in Denver area is better. Morris M416 rims picture by mykrick3tt - Photobucket
  12. krick3tt

    The moving wall

    I managed to get one of those vouchers from the airlines for a trip anywhere they fly, and as I was talking to the wife the other day, I mentioned that I wanted to see the 'Wall' in DC. Long story short is that we are going in November to see it and the rest of DC for a week. Probably not the...
  13. krick3tt

    U.S.S. Kitty Hawk FS

    USS Kitty Hawk I served on the 'Hawk' in VF 213 for three tours from 66 to 69. Haven't been on it since I left except to see it in San Diego when she was still active and in Bremerton when she was inactive. Great ship, lots of memories there. That was a big part of my life that, fortunately, I...
  14. krick3tt

    M416 and M101 trailer lunettes the same??

    lunette ring I got the lunette for the M416 off Ebay but it had no nut and spring. I got the nut and spring from Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts out of Grants Pass, OR. 541-582-4035 Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts
  15. krick3tt

    Spare tire mounting on a CDN M101 trailer

    spare tyre mount I have a M416 tailer, my friend from Canada has a Swiss trailer, we both have Pinzgauers. His is 3 inches narrower than my 416. My spare tyre will not fit the space between the springs on his, but will fit mine even though it is a 33 inch tyre for my Pinzgauer. I don't carry a...
  16. krick3tt

    MV rally and parade in the Pacific Northwest! July 7-12 2009

    MV show at XXX Carl, This is the link to things happening all over the US. You will have to 'cruz' through to find things by month then location under events. Good hunting. Morris
  17. krick3tt

    MV rally and parade in the Pacific Northwest! July 7-12 2009

    Carl, there is a website that posts every event that occurs, especially at XXX. I am away from home right now visiting in Denver and that site is in my favorites. You might be able to link to it through PSMV site. That is how I found out about the MV gathering that I attended this last year. I...
  18. krick3tt

    What to check on a Pinz?

    getting a pinz I have had my pinz for almost 4 years. Prior to that a 404 Unimog. If the maintenance is kept up, oil changes and fluids topped off the rest is simple mechanics. Mine is after all, a 1973 vehicle and just like anything that old it will need care. That being said, they are great...
  19. krick3tt


    pinz axle boot The temporary split boot should be at 10:00 on the passenger side and 02:00 on the driver side. Seal the boot seams with superglue and bolt together. To make sure you get all the oil off it first, use brake cleaner. Give it 20 min to dry (go have a beer and a sandwich) and then...
  20. krick3tt

    Military trailer towing limits?

    It looks like it needs a spring over to get it to ride level with your truck. Really not a big issue to put the axle under the springs except the parking brake attachment to the frame will need adjustment. Extend them with a plate. Mine rides the same as before, when the springs were on bottom...
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