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  1. dm22630

    NC to VA - M818

    Is anyone able to move a M818 (running) from Black Creek, NC to Front Royal, VA. It is approx 283 miles. Black Creek, NC to 322 Morgan Ford Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630 - Google Maps CASH ON DELIVERY!! PM me w/a price please!
  2. dm22630

    Darrell Braun FANSITE!! HAHAHA

    I searched & didnt find this mentioned here yet.... Look what I found on google! Darrell Braun, fraud and thief: offroadfabworks, no limit kustoms HAHAHAHAHA
  3. dm22630

    Cobra MRAP Seat pics??

    Hello Everyone - I have sold a LOT of the MRAP seats, and finally found a post w/pics of them sitting in a vehicle. The are "sitting" in a M715 that is owned by a member here, and I was wondering if anyone else that has bought them has pics yet? Here is a link to his M715 rebuild thread --->...
  4. dm22630

    FREE WMO in VA

    I have 7-8 full 55 gallon drums of WMO that I acquired to run in my deuces. I have since switched to 5 tons & have no use for it anymore. I will offer it to anyone here that wants to come out & pick it up. If there are no takers, I will be putting it in CL for free. You will need to bring a...
  5. dm22630

    M813 W/W, 16.00-20s, & HEMTT RIMS

    I just got done w/my M813 upgrade.... M813 W/W 16.00-20 Michelin XZLs 2 piece HEMTT rims :mrgreen: Meet my truck....."Chuck Norris". I flipped the rear hubs. It was a HUGE PITA!!!! I would not recommend it to anyone! I scraped off all the loose paint chips w/a putty knife & went over it...
  6. dm22630

    HELP! Stripped thread on a bolt...

    I was reassembling a flipped hub/drum & on the last of the ten bolts that hold the 2 together.....I stripped it. The bolt freely spins now. Since it is a major safety issue to leave as-is & do I fix it? Can I squirt some lock-tight in the hole & then screw in the bolt...
  7. dm22630

    Replacing 5ton fan belts??

    BOTH of the fan belts on my M818 broke on my way home. Now, it will overheat if it sits still & since the fan also turns the generator belts, the batts die. I bought replacement belts, but cant figure out how to put them on. I have searched & searched w/no luck. Any tips? Thanks!
  8. dm22630

    M872 BYE! w/pics & vids!

    Well.....the good old M872 left my field of green (mvs) today for sunnier skies in Texas. The trucking company (which I have used MANY times) came up w/their sliding axle trailer & picked it up. BUT....on their way to my house, I had them stop by "The Buggyman's" place in Fredericksburg &...
  9. dm22630

    Tow dolly idea??

    As some of you know.....I have been wanting a tow dolly. SO....what do you think about this..... Cut a deuce in half & mount a 5th wheel between the 2 rear axles & make a custom tow dolly. It would have air/hydraulic brakes & lights. And would have a very large capacity (much more than a...
  10. dm22630

    EXCELLENT shipper! East Coast...

    I just had a trailer shipped from Georgia to my house in Virginia. I am EXTREMELY happy with the shipper. He was very fast, great communication, always answered his phone, and kept me updated. I will definitely be using him again, and highly recommend him to anyone on the east coast that...
  11. dm22630

    FYI!!! HEMTT rims....

    I wanted to see how the hemtt rim would look on my M813 this I pulled the stock rim off & put the hemtt rim on. Just so everyone knows, the stock wheel studs are too short for these rims. Looks like they need to be AT LEAST another 1/2" longer. Does anyone know the part # that...
  12. dm22630

    HEMTT rim question?

    I bought a bunch of the 2 piece HEMTT rims from OKC over the last few weeks. For you guys that have put them on your 5 tons already.....are the current wheel studs long enough? If not, do you have a part # of the studs I need? Thanks! Daniel
  13. dm22630

    Double Spring Seats?

    I took my bench seat out today & will be putting a spring seat in its place. Am I missing something, or do the holes NOT line up with the seat base? What have you guys done to get 2 spring seats in your cab? Thanks! Daniel
  14. dm22630

    HELP! Richmond VA members....

    Can anyone near Richmond pick up 4 M813s within the next couple weeks & store them temporarily for me? That GL site only does loadouts on Tuesday & Wednesday & my time is running out to get them. Let me know! Thanks Daniel
  15. dm22630

    Stuck in my yard....TWICE!! is by far one of the most disappointing days for army trucks that I can remember. It was bad enough when I got stuck in the woods behind my house, but today....I got stuck in my front yard, TWICE, with a M818 & M813! It took me all day to get out. This morning I went down in...
  16. dm22630

    GL site WARNING!!! Albany, GA

    FYI I won a lubrication trailer 3 weeks ago located in Albany, GA. I was told by the site manager that today they would be doing loadouts ALL DAY (since it is an unmanned site). I booked a shipper & they showed up at 3:30pm today to pick it up, only to find out the site manager LEFT at...
  17. dm22630

    Richmond/Blackstone, VA?

    Are any members here near Richmond, VA or Blackstone, VA that can inspect some trucks soooooooon? My EUC just got approved tonight.... I need 4 M813s at each site checked out & see if you can get them running/check brakes/lights/etc? I only want to make one trip to each site to get all 4...
  18. dm22630

    Removing Air-Assist

    I am removing my air-assist steering from my deuce & want to save it to install on a "keeper deuce" later. From getting underneath & looking at what I need to unbolt, I see that I will be needing some misc original parts to return the truck to driveability. If anyone has recently installed an...
  19. dm22630

    Junkyard seats...

    I just got two front seats out of a Bronco II.....they look a LOT more comfortable than the current seats in my deuce. Is there a trick/special way that I am supposed to mount them to the spring base? Any pics/instructions? Thanks!
  20. dm22630

    USAF 5 tons??

    I won a USAF 5 ton. Is there any difference in a USAF & regular army 5 ton? I know a lot of the USAF deuces had dual circuit brakes & were in better condition. Is there anything special that I should look for? Thanks! Here are some pics of it.
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