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  1. Armada

    Finally a fix for problem floats

    Thought I'd pass along a fix for fuel logged float problems so that it may save someone else some frustration. I put a new 4a032 crate engine on an mep-016 genset and it ran fine, for about a week. I started having problems with the engine flooding after start up. I removed the bowl on the carb...
  2. Armada

    Supersingle O-ring

    I need to locate a couple o-rings to fix a leak on a supersingle wheel. Who would a couple sources be for such an item? Thanks in advance!
  3. Armada

    OA Height of 817 with 14x20's

    Could one of you guys with an M817 wearing 14X20's tell me what the overall height of your truck is? The data plate says 110 5/8" but that is with the standard 11x20's. I need a somewhat precise measurement. Thanks in advance!
  4. Armada

    HEAVY Highway 817

    Notice the data plate? Special highway hauling capabilities on my 817.
  5. Armada

    Electric wiper parts

    I have an electric wiper kit that is missing a couple parts. Anyone here have some loose extra parts laying around or know where I can get them? Specifically a wiper arm, a harness, and maybe the plastic linkage covers that mount over the conlink assemblies? Thanks!
  6. Armada


    I am adding alcohol to the air system on an 800 series cummins. :beer: The compressor is different than a multifuel engine and I want to make sure I plumb it to the right spot. (See photo with arrow). Would this be where the line from the alc. bottle will attach? Thanks
  7. Armada

    TM needed for Immersion Heater

    TM 5-4540-202-12 and 'P' for the water immersion heater. I'm not seeing it in the resources section. Anyone have this on file? Would like to review the manual before playing with gasoline. Anyone ever use coleman fuel/white gas in their heater? Would be a bit safer than gasoline I think. Thanks.
  8. Armada

    CX-13089 needed

    Hey guys, anyone got an extra cx-13089 cable they could part with? I'm combining my rt524 with my vic-1 system and would like to pull it's power from the mx-7777 supressor instead of having 2 seperate power cords hooked to the batts. and also to protect the 524. Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Armada


    Reload test.
  10. Armada

    MI to PA

    Went to PA to see Westfolk and retrieve some parts last week. Got to his place about 8:30 a.m. and didn't get back on the road until almost 6:00. We spent the day trading stories and checking out his motorpool. Had a great time. Along with the 5T front springs I picked up for pappa-G, I also got...
  11. Armada

    Troop seat legs

    Anyone have any discarded troop seats for parts laying around? I'm in need of a couple of the legs. Thanks for the help!
  12. Armada

    Alternator Spacer Needed

    Anyone have a parts cucv with the spacer that runs between the passenger side alternator and the engine block that they could part with? Mine is missing as shown in the picture. If not, an accurate length for the spacer would help too. Kinda tough to tighten without one. Thanks!
  13. Armada

    Non MV Road-trip

    Just got back from a road trip to the steamy south, SC to be exact. Sorry, no mv's this time. Drove my Aurora the 2000 mile round trip. Kudo's to you members that survive the summers down there! Sure is beautiful country, but that humidity..... :shock: wow. While outside of Charleston for a...
  14. Armada

    TM for Mep701a

    Maybe I missed it in the resource section, but do we have a TM for the 3kw diesel genset Mep-701a? (Mep-016b w/o ASK). Thanks
  15. Armada

    MEP002 not charging batteries

    I thought I remembered this being discussed before but ran a search and didn't find anything so I'll ask. I've got an mep002 genset that will not send charge to the batteries. I checked the fuse to the battery charging alternator and it is ok. This unit has the ASK on it and will need to come...
  16. Armada

    Turbo ID Needed

    Hey guys, hoping one of you turbo experts might know the application for this turbo. I believe it's for a deuce, but want to be sure. The housing looks a little different than the Multifuel C or D turbos I have seen. Orientation appears to be the same though. Maybe for a 5t multi? Here is the...
  17. Armada

    Leaking MEP-002

    Hey guys. I've got a fuel line on my mep-002 that needs replacing (see pic). It's the short reinforced flexible line that connects to the injection pump. It is quite stiff so I'm assuming the rubber is dried out and cracked. Doesn't seem to be getting fuel to the engine since it won't start and...
  18. Armada

    Need Help in Chambersburg

    This really isn't a transportation need but seemed like the best heading to put it under. I need help with prepping a couple items for shipping. I've got 2 mep002 generators at the Chambersburg GL site that need to be prepped for shipping. To make a long story short, the UPS store located there...
  19. Armada

    What year M35?

    Hey guys, my buddy and I are trying to determine the year of his M35 so he can get it registered, etc. I know the year is in the ID# somewhere, but I'm not smart enough to know. I'm sure someone else knows. Thanks in advance! Here is the reg. and vin #: 04D-70371 0539-10582
  20. Armada

    Parts Needed

    Edit. Go to next post.
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