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  1. jason@snakeriver

    Problem with M-1101 surge brakes

    Took our new M-1101 HMMWV trailer on a 4 hour trip. It went down just fine, but after we had loaded some seed and traveled home, I could tell when we got to a intersection that the surge brakes did engage. Problem is, I can't say they fully released as when I got home the brakes and the hubs...
  2. jason@snakeriver

    Has GL ever answered any simple questions ??

    Now on the GL auctions, they have an spot where you can ask a question about any particular item. I have asked two simple answers and on the first one, they refered me a phone # of a guy that does previews. On the second one, I asked for the measurement of a frame, where all you had to...
  3. jason@snakeriver

    Frame length of a M931 tractor ? ? ?

    Anyone know the frame length of a M931 tractor, say from the back of the cab to the end of the frame rails ? ?
  4. jason@snakeriver

    Super singles to duals on a 900 series ?

    Last fall I purchased a 900 series with the huge 14:00 super singles. I do have a full set of 10 - 11:00 Michelin tires. Is there anything saying that I cannot swap the singles out on put on the duals ??? Axle width, hubs ? ? ? I do have a buyer for the singles.
  5. jason@snakeriver

    Needing halftrack repro armor ?

    Just got into a M2 halftrack and doing the homework. Al Stiefel is out of business. Not sure about Bob Gillard in Oregon There is always Gary Hebding What about US Machine Corp - I see there web site but all they leave is a email contact. That bugs the crap out of me when they do not have an...
  6. jason@snakeriver

    Good and bad at Barstow

    I hired a trucker who is very famililar with getting large trucks out of Barstow. This time, he said it is getting worse for the ability of the GL employees to lend any assistence in loading. He said that Tim still deserves kudos as a very helpful person, but that his hands are being...
  7. jason@snakeriver

    Where to put unit markings on a goat ?

    I am painting my goat per Viet Nam era, just solid green with white markings. On the front did the unit markings go above or below the channel iron bumper ? ? Also, weren't diesel jerry cans tops painted yellow ? ? ?
  8. jason@snakeriver

    Need lower brackets for winch !

    Does anyone have - or have a good idea for fabricating the lower brackets for the Gama Goat winch ? ? Right now, I have the winch sitting on top of the I-beam bumper. The side plates are there, just need the brackets that go down to the eyelets, and somehow, they must come up in back of the...
  9. jason@snakeriver

    Goats for sale in SLC UTAH

    I had a guy call me. He was cleaning up an estate in the SLC Utah area. The guy had 3 good goats and 2 parts goats. I am sure he would like to move one or all as a unit. Call Ty at 801-941-7071
  10. jason@snakeriver

    Servicing the transfer case ? ?

    I dropped the oil out of the transfer case and transmission, and as you would suspect, the oil in the transfer was watery. The pump sits high on the right side of the transfer case and a large tube comes from the bottom of the TC to the pump. I will replace the oil in both with 80-90w,. Question...
  11. jason@snakeriver

    Where to get a vinyl top ? ? ?

    Who has any NOS or new man vinyl tops ? ? ? Parts for these rigs are getting harder to find.
  12. jason@snakeriver

    Brake master cylinder - kit number ? ?

    Just tore out the brake master cylinder, does anyone know the common kit # for the overhaul ? ? Aso, did the Goats always use Dot 5 silocone, or would it hopefully be labeled as to what it used ? ?
  13. jason@snakeriver

    Need a reverse shift rod - linkage !

    I just got my Goat in and it is missing the reverse shift rod - linkage. Does anyone have one for sale or a good picture of what it looks like ? ? ?
  14. jason@snakeriver

    15 minute rule - flustrating

    I just (dec 17, 2009) purchased one of the 14 dump trucks in Utah. I am very upset after putting up with the 15 minute rule. The counter actually got down to "0" when it reset with a higher bid and a 14 minute extension. Soooooooo you sit and wait and of course someone bids again and extends...
  15. jason@snakeriver

    Troop seat brackets now available !

    I picked up the first batch of troop seat brackets. $75.00 per side for 2 brackets and the center support. I have not done a jump seat as of yet.
  16. jason@snakeriver

    repairing 800 series transfer case

    With my limited experience, I assume that the most common problem with an 800 series transfer case is the in ability to get into high gear. I am told that there is a fork and a syncro that go bad. BOYCE says that they want $2500.00 exchange for a rebuilt transfer. Is there a less expensive way...
  17. jason@snakeriver

    What have M-817 dump trucks been selling for ?

    I have not been watching, but what have decent M-817 dump trucks been selling for lately from GovLiq ? ? A lot have been down in Mississippi and freight always plays a big part in a truck purchase. THe last M-813's I bought were for around $4,000 down in Barstow.
  18. jason@snakeriver

    Tire dealer in SO CAL ? ?

    Who is the used tire dealer in southern Cal that pulls a lot of tires out of Camp Pendelton ??? Looking for a bunch of 11:00x20 Michelin XL's.
  19. jason@snakeriver

    Here is weasel T-15 # 99

    This is where I am at with weasel T-15 # 99. I have # 186 sitting in the same shop. I am by Yellowstone Park, so I assume that these might have come down from Camp Harrison and the FSSF Devil's Brigade. This is 1 of 20 known to exist and only less than 5 restored at this time. Restoration...
  20. jason@snakeriver

    Bad on the restart ? ?

    Bought a contract service truck out of Hill AFB. Of course it is winter now. When you first turn on the key and the glow plug light comes on, you wait and it starts right up. However, you turn it off and come back in a few minutes and the light might come on, or it might start up good...
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