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  1. badgerd

    X Door window “fuzzy” seal - source?

    Embarking on lots of projects at once and am looking for the “fuzzy” seal that goes around the window on X Doors. I’m looking for close to original or better but not peel and stick. Anyone done this before? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. badgerd

    Amtech top install - windshield latches?

    Working on installing a Amtech Legacy 4 top and am trying to find the windshield latches for it. Calls and emails to Amtech go unanswered, Kascar shows stock but doesn’t have any. I’m now looking for an alternative to the “factory” draw latches. Anyone find an alternative? Thanks! Sent from...
  3. badgerd

    Speedometer cable grommet

    I need to replace my speedo cable grommet but can’t find it without the harness. Has anyone found a substitute? I’m still hunting a standard option but a split option would be a bit easier to install. What do you do??? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. badgerd

    High back seat install - driver base question

    I’ve got the drivers base and all the brackets but didn’t get the reinforcement plate shown in the MWO. I’ve seen pics of some with it installed and others without. What’s the “right” answer? Opinions? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. badgerd

    Tire Bounce...

    I've been running through all of the mechanical stuff on my 87 M998 and am down to one last annoyance, drivers front tire bounces between 56-59mph and I absolutely cannot find it. Below is what I've done so far (not throwing parts at it but fixing neglect): Spindle Nut - Bought the 6K...
  6. badgerd

    Cooling issue: "overcooling"

    This has been an issue for a couple months on my 87 998 with 6.2. Started with "fan will not come on" but wasn't overheating. I used the TM to troubleshoot the fan (as that's what I thought it was): 1. Pulled fan switch, boil tested and opens around 215. When disconnected, fan operates. 2...
  7. badgerd

    Rhino mount pin staightening

    Got a great deal on a Rhino mount and it's got a bent pin. Seems simple to replace and replacements are available (maybe someone has a spare cheap???), but has anyone straghtened one? If so, how did you do it? My thought is heat + cheater pipe + vice might be the only way. Thanks!
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