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    CUCV Air Compressor engine mounting brackets

    Does anyone know a source for the CUCV Air Condition compressor engine mounting brackets and pulleys ?? Thanks
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    CUCV Power Steering Pump

    Part # For CUCV replacement power steering pump
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    M1010 Fully Self Contained, Long Range Expedition Vehicle

    I know over the years a number of people have upgraded the M1010 for various levels of camping.... I thought I would share mine..... Hope you enjoy.... Thanks, John Gentry M1010 Long Range Expedition Vehicle Specifications OVERVIEW: This Is An Ungraded, Fully Self...
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    M1010 CUCV Cab/ Front AC

    Does anyone have a CUCV M1010 that has a front / cab AC added that actually works.... I interested in how the exsisting (Rear) AC is tapped into, etc. for the cab unit? Thanks
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    M1009 Flywheel Ring Gear / Starter Problem

    Guys I need your help….. I have an M1009 has gone through three flywheels / starters…It’s a starter to flywheel ring gear problem… We have replaced two new GM flywheels along with two different starters… We have done the standard… Went through the starters, new drives, bushings, solenoids, etc…...
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    M1008 Front End "Death Wobble"

    Guys, I need your Help…. I have a M1008 That Is Trying To KILL Me… Problem: The Front End “Death Wobble” I purchased what I thought was a solid truck and when I Got it home, going through checking everything, starting driving it… Then the: Death Wobble”. On a 10 scale I would say a 9. Scared...
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    M1010 Alternator Mounting Brackets - CUCV

    WTB.....Would like to buy a M1010 complete right hand alternator mounting bracket. For the larger type alternator… Also might have an interest in a spare M1010 alternator…. Thanks for any help John Decatur, AL M35A2C M35A2 (4) M1009 (2) M1010 (3)...
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