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    SEE backhoe / HMMH crane compatibility

    Anyone know if the crane from the hmmh can be swapped over to a SEE tractor? I know it's unlikely to find one but just curious. I see in the TMs that the rear pump of hmmh is 14GPM @ 1100 Rpms. Is that lower flow simply due to lower engine rpms, or does the hmmh actually have a different pump...
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    SEE bugs: Electrical: No power issue with fresh batteries

    Hi guys, Very strange issue I've been chasing for awhile now. I won't try to influence how you see it, but I will say I've tried about everything. Here are the symptoms and what I've done so far. Machine starts very well and runs well. Voltmeter pegs under 24v before start and until...
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    CASE M35C valve sections

    Hey gents, Did some searching here and in the vast interwebs and didn't find too much on what one might pay for a valve section off our beloved M35C backhoe valve body. Seems all the older CASE parts don't show up on many of the parts sites (or aren't available). I'm doing some experimenting...
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