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    Dash lights

    M1008 dash lights seem really dim even with turning dimmer switch fully up. I'm guessing just bulbs as aftermarket temp gauge is bright.
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    M1008 wheels

    My M1008 has 16.5 wheels, can 16s be used. 16.5 tyres are hard to find in UK
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    How to open TMs , what type of file are they ?
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    M1008 transmission

    The transmission in my M1008 seems to be slow to change up, could be just me as my previous vehicle was an 03 hummer & used to that . I'll check fluid level later
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    M1008 wipers

    Finally got my M1008. Wipers seem really slow, any cure ? Also looks like it's never had a horn button in middle of steering wheel, just a rectangular cover, horn works off switch on dash. Thanks
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    Hi about to buy my first m1008. I'm in the UK, had plenty American vehicles in the past. Want to find out what lettering / markings would be on it, someone said star on the doors but I've never seen one. Also what is the disc on the front grill for. And does anyone know the paint codes (...
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