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    2 fmtv's - Fort Bragg NC to MD

    Both listed as not running, im due to go look Tuesday the 12th of july. Both trucks paid for. Any questions call 301 399 3414. Thanks
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    Anyone seen a larc v for parts?

    anyone seen a larc v for parts, looking for a hull, in almost any condition can repair holes cracks etc........if so pm me
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    Why not detroit 50 series in deuce?

    wouldnt this be the best engine for a swap? being its only a 4 cylinder, its plenty short, available in alot of inner city buses, and rated at 250-320hp, it would be a prime candidate for a swap, more room left for a overdrive auto trans also.....anyone else pondering this idea ? by the way...
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    vin on sf97 for five ton truck

    ok bought a m923, and have conflicting info on what number government liquidators wants for sf97. it has a "identification number" on the data tag with only 7 digits, with date of delivery below that. My question is is that what they want, or should i add ten zeros then the number to make a...
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    gas hmmwv ??

    My latest edition of diesel power magazine lists eary hmmwv's as having a 400 cube gas motor, was this a prototype? was it the famous 400 chevy? or was this just a typo?
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    923 transfer case wont shift

    why is this particular unit so hard to shift? is there any fix for the hard shifting m923? All I can remeber is how easy a duece is to shift.
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    GL loadouts in MD,VA and southern PA

    willing to do loadouts at GL on 5ton trucks and deuces in the tri state area. can move generators and cucv's also. send me a pm with questions and I will respond as soon as possible with cost and associated info
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    m923 recovery/towing checklist

    friday im recovering a m923a2 that states in auction "bad starter". I find it hard to believe that it is correctly diagnosed on a truck with 2900 miles on it. So im going there with usual tools, 2 new batteries, fluids, and a buddy to recover this thing. In the event It cannot be driven off lot...
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    sudden oversupply of m923's ??

    Why all of the sudden are there so many 939 style trucks being released? they outnumbered every type of truck on gl , Makes me wonder how long this can last
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    So who has bumped the power on a 6CTA cummins

    curious to who has fiddled with thier p pump cummins 8.3, and what they did to get a little more umph to the wheels. I know these trucks can handle it, the trans is tough , and the motors are even more robust. Some have said the pump is similar to the 5.9 pump, and some have said its totally...
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    1600's on m923a2

    Truck already has 1400 super singles, what neccesary mods does it take it to1600's without rubbing? How do you correct speedo? Any downsides at all....?
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    m923 from portsmouth va to waldorf md 20601

    Truck has been moved. Started and drove home. thanks!
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    Trouble finding 6CTA starter

    Havimg trouble findimg a starter for a M923 starter for an 8.3 cummims. Where is the best place to find a used or nos starter motor ?
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    how does gl define 3 days to pay?

    Purchased goods from gl on the first was invoiced on the second. They have been closed for weekend and holiday, is this tuesday last day to pay?
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    plow snow with m817 ?

    has anyone mounted a plow on thier m817? i would think they would do excellent, and international truck plow frames are easy to come by around me...anyone else with same idea?
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    poor mans HEMTT

    what is the top speed on this'un ? think I could drive this home on the interstate.......?:cookoo: is this based of of a crane chassis or what ?
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    m817 dump...real payload

    what is the practical limit on capacity on a dump ? highway use of course
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    10 ton wheels on 5 ton?

    will 10 ton wheels go on 5 ton trucks/axles?
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    anyone with oversize tires on m35a3

    has anyone added oversize tires on their a3? I was thinking of picking one up until I found out they only like 45 or so cruising. I had an idea of running 395's and recentered hemtt wheels , and ditching the ctis system completely. anyone done this , if so post a pic , I cant find images anywhere
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    cheapest m35 A-3 ?

    what is the cheapest m3 anyone has bought ?
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