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    Albany Tractor Trailer Parts and Service

    Does anyone know about the quality of service at Albany Tractor Trailer Parts? GP stores some of their auction inventory at that location.
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    M939 Front Axle Will Not Engage- Transfer case rebuilding error- solved

    Recently, I obtained a M929 dump truck and quickly realized that the front drive shaft was never engaging. I could hear the engagement cylinder moving when I actuated the low-range auto-engagement switch. Somewhere on this forum I had read about the piston being installed backwards in some...
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    photo test

    photos below
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    How I got a dropped tool out of an engine(it's a secret)

    I was thinking hard about what to do when I did a silly thing like dropping screwdriver bit down in the engine while setting the valves on a NHC-250. An obvious idea is to follow it down with a borescope and retrieve it, but a screwdriver bit will fit through passages smaller than many...
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    Picking up M925 from Dayton headed to SC

    I am recovering my first MV (M925A0) from Wright Patterson on Monday and hope to have it back to upper South Carolina Monday night or Tuesday. Hopefully it will not end up stored somewhere in between! The trip is about 500 miles. Truck has only a couple hundred miles since RRAD in 2010. Julian H
  6. J

    New Noob, New M925

    Hello All- thanks for your help! After lurking for 6 months, and talking to Andyrv6av8r, I learned enough to buy my first MV- an M925A0 from Wright Pat. Plan to pick it up on Monday morning Sep 23, 2013 and drive it 500 miles to upper SC. My receipt is dated Friday, 13th- I hope that is not...
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