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  1. Beyond Biodiesel

    M35a2 injector return line fittings

    I bought 1/4" OD teflon tubing to replace all of my return lines with. While it is not as transparent as the original, it is transparent enough, and resists the widest range of solvents.
  2. Beyond Biodiesel

    M35a2 injector return line fittings

    Thanks, m16ty, and welldigger, for your contributions. I get that normal 1/4" compression ferrules will work, and therefore I will give it a try. I will get back with my results. I will of courser use tubing that can handle a wide range of solvents. Since I make my own fuel out of blending...
  3. Beyond Biodiesel

    M35a2 injector return line fittings

    Sorry to revive and old thread, but I am about to repair the leaky return lines on my M756A2. From the photo at the top of this thread it looks like the same compressions sleeve for a common 1/4" compression fitting available at any hardware store. Can someone confirm that please? Also, the...
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