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  1. porkysplace


    Virginia and North Carolina are the only states that ban felons from voting, the rest get their voting rights back after either out of jail and/or their sentence is complete.
  2. porkysplace


    The issue with the out of state LLC's what happens when you have a insurance claim and the insurance company denies the claim as you mis-represented the true use . Mr. Lenhto is also a former M35A2 owner and part of the michigan MV community.
  3. porkysplace


    Not to sidetrack this thread ,but here in michigan it took 35+ years and tens of millions of dollars to repeal the helmet law and quite frankly the MV community is unwilling to put the time or cash resources up to change the SOS rules for the HWWMV's . So don't compare what the biker community...
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