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    Cool idea great fir also..thanks for sharing
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    Issues with SF-97

    There you tax dollars at work.......cant see the lite let alone the end of the tunnel...
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    Hello from Suburbs of Chicago

    Nice welcome to the green madness,,
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    Severely disabled HMMWV adopted

    Fun thread to keep track of ...Great stuff so far
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    Working on the M1078 LMTV

    Great stuff so far keep the pics coming...
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    Survival 109 build

    Ho Hos are nice for a road trip also...That is one A^^ kicking build....Just keeps going and going, Thanks for the great Ideas also...By the way How much do you charge the kids at the Ice Cream window for a Kooldick bar...Hummmmmmmmm great on a hot day...
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    Norwegian Army: what vehicles in '74-75?

    Same thing with aussies stuff in the 80s....Lots old ww2 brit trucks and support rigs....
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    Anyone ever seen the 5 ton with a double side slide out box on the back?

    It is a custom fit truck...You got the money ...They got the fix for ya ....Limit is how deep are your pockets...Looks great ...
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    HMMWV's at FT Dix New Jersey, Be cautious will cost you more to get it

    Sounds like some towing companies are tying to pull a fast one.....
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    Severely disabled HMMWV adopted

    Nothing wrong with your rig ....Jack it up and put a new hummer under it ...there all better...Is this foster care in a big way ....
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    M101A2 first attempt at a build thread

    Great build so far ...lots of ideas for up dates thanks for shareing....great looking trailer...
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    City owned LMTV

    Great story so far ...Looks like the Big M was off the grid this trip...Glad to hear you made it out ok.....Have fun
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    M35A3 in the Movies

    Have to check it out. Thanks for the update.
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    Can anyone guess what this is?

    Looks like something fuzzy wazzy lost...sorry cant tell all fuzzy.
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    Working on the M1078 LMTV

    Cool good find
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    Issues with SF-97

    Seems the whole operation is a JOKE INPROGRESS......Do you have the feeling that they are really..That is serviceing you;
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    Big Dog M923A1 gets new paint

    Nice paint job, next have the kids finger paint it for ya ...water based of course..
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    Someone hit my truck!!

    Front axle is leaking or what is that stuff on the inside by the front tire???
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    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    What great bunch
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    Checking on getting some military oriented air fresheners. Need input.

    How about that new car smell...Better than anything with USGOV or Lartrain on it....LOL.
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