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    Adapter plates

    How much for HEMTT rims, the plates that is.....
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    Going to put my Bobbed Deuce on a Dynojet. Any guesses on the RWHP/RWTQ?

    Jack under frame in front of rollers to remove some weight.....tie it down carefull...just a thought.....DAS
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    whistler doesnt whistle anymore

    Why did you up shift going up hill putting more pressure on things??????DAS
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    Flighting 5 ton

    We have some on here doing that and than say THE TRUCK IS BROKE DOWN...this went bad , that is wrong, ect. respect your truck or pay....
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    M818 Drivers Question? goes....if there is pressure on the jaws it is hard too get release,push against trailor, set brakes if your buy yourself putting the kingpin against the front of the wheel,pull safety and DO NOT DROP A TRAILOR ANYWAY BUT INLINE..... if you do you are asking for...
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    Need broken axles

    That's good PB, wish we had you'r humor when we ate those...I can remember well the times thats all we had and you were happy to have it....and the hot gargage cans with hot water to cook the cans in of C' much better now......DAS
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    inner seal wiper

    You could also use a regular torch or hand torch and heat a spot and push it off with a screw driver....dont chesel a mark in the axle.....emery cloth the surface,clean and push new one on...........DAS
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    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Welcome dutchman, my grandparents came from there after the big war....I am sure I have some more relation there yet....This is a good site for information ect. The guys here love pictures,more pictures and even more pictures.......Anyway you're welcome.....DAS
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    Brought home my first Military Vehicle

    Welcome to the site....there's alot here ask,someone knows...fum-you just had that,nice trip home....OD FEVER- it's free....good luck.DAS
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    Fort McCoy Auctions

    And whats wrong with a JEW.....where's poof...been looking for him.....DAS
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    Can't drive off Camp Shelby anymore?

    A unsafe vehicle is a unsafe vehicle....tow bar it or haul it...simple.....DAS
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    1400x20's on Marsh 1 piece rims

    Hemtt rims.....easy.......DAS
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    deuce rear suspension question

    TRY looking up HENDRICKSON walking beam suppension...they were the founders of that type of units, they also make air-ride now...they started when tandems came about many years ago...DAS
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    My new M151A2

    That is nice....drove them ...there from my era.....DAS
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    Benjamin Moore Rock River OD paint Brush or Spray??

    You'r going to paint with latex house is painted with enamel paint, roller, brush or spray........DAS
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    Spare Tire Recovery?

    here's a tip for all tube tires.....carry a piece of wire to tie the valve stem to the rim so it don't get sucked into the tire and eat the tube up...that way you can patch the tube and use it again.......not on the steering.....old time tube-tire man....DAS
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    Automatic Tank Drain

    Had use of one back in the 70's......they work good in the nice weather but freeze in the winter and let air out if you dont put a flame by it.....took it off the truck it came on.....we always open drain valve at end of days work,closed it in the morning....DAS
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    A04-53 engine for early mule

    I would think someone would want it for rebuild or parts.....DAS
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    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    Glen is on the need a pete..600 hp....18 speed....3.55 or 3.o8 rears....cruse at 85-92 mph.....put the duece bed on it....DAS
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    M35A3 - Trans Fluid Flush Question & other Filter Maintenance

    Just a could drop the filters and let them drain and reuse them until the final the new filters til last and save some money at the same time.......DAS
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